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  1. Paranormal / Ghost shows

    Those things are creepy to begin with, gotta be paranormal, someone throw a x-box doohickey laser guided multi-colored grid scope on them!
  2. New buyer help

    Welcome to the site - lots of great folks here who are always willing to help or add input. 1) Best recommendation - go and test drive both the MT82 and 10R80. You can't really go by any of us saying to go with the MT82 (Manual) or 10R80 (Auto) because too many of us prefer one trans over the...
  3. Forscan How-To thread?

    @B-Mitch Here ya go it's in the DIY section. It's a very large thread but has everything you need to know:
  4. Dealer says Low Compression Cylinder 8

    He can also call The Ford 800# and ask a Regional CSR if they too would be able to help with the cost of repairs. if it were me - I'd go directly for the long block. I know it's costly, but if you're going...
  5. help identifying a half shaft.

    Ford parts guys should be able to look up the label part # to confirm for sure what they are and what they came out of instead of trying to guess by axle length and boots...
  6. Ford Performance Half Shaft Differences?

    Why not call GForce themselves and ask them about the differences that are the concern - instead of going round and round on here... GForce manufactures the axle for Ford. So whether it s a GForce part with a Ford part # slapped on it OR you're buying GForce axles directly from THEM - they...
  7. No stripes .............. No emblems (claps)

    Ahhhh..... missed it when skimming through! :facepalm:
  8. Mach 1 Driving Lights

    it... just... doesn't .. look right... something is off, not sure if it's the size of the lights, the space/distance between each, or type/style of light being used. I mean, I can see the "heritage" of wanting to mimic the original Mach 1 front grille w/ lights, but its just not working (for me).
  9. 1300 miles oil leak.

    Yea, that's what I was trying to figure out, as an "o-ring" didn't make sense to me, but from the angle of the image, it was hard to tell if that was a clip too. I think as you said, if the clip is released, and the hose is pushed in as far as it will go and the clip is then locked, I don't...
  10. Mach 1 Drive Modes

    @ChitownStang This thread has the info you need to review to understand the differences between the Transmission Modes AND the Center Stack Drive modes, as well as the paddle interactions. Also for...
  11. Get a New Mach 1 With a Whipple & Keep Warranty Coverage

    O-man... Great offering! I mean, a brand spanking new M1 with a Supercharger, what more could one ask for at a great price and warranty coverage!
  12. No stripes .............. No emblems (claps)

    Did you get a new stripe replacement kit so that say in the future you decide to sell, you have the replacements to include with the car?
  13. 1300 miles oil leak.

    is the purple an o-ring and if so, what purpose does it serve being external? Is there supposed to be something in between the 2 parts that would seal over the o-ring?
  14. Steeda Steve McQueen Bullitt VIN #001 up for auction

    :cwl: or the fact that it's a STEEDA S550 Steve McQueen Bullitt.... has nothing to do with the 68 Bullitt...
  15. X-pipe vs h-pipe

    Analogy of H vs X: H = NASCAResque deep rumble at idle and literally roars at WOT, keeping that deep note and rumble X = Indy Caresque raspy exhaust tone and screams at WOT like the original 1954 Godzilla... :)
  16. Bell housing leak

    Based on the image, that looks like a typical rear main seal leak. However, i would go with that 100% IF the S550's didn't have a hydraulic clutch with slave cylinder... so the possibility is open to the problem being one or the other. Has the fluid in your clutch reservoir dropped any? With...
  17. SOLD it!

    Yea, another great site - been a member there for a bit too.
  18. Used Market Pricing

    What's the VIN?
  19. The 5.0 stranded me on the side of the road today

    Most likely the OP might need to adjust the AFE Bias calibration of the cluster. It's been discussed on here elsewhere as others have found that the S550 MPG readings are not accurate or in some instances not being calculated correctly in both the Analog and Digital clusters. One can confirm...
  20. Blacked out steering wheel emblem?

    If the airbag deployed - would it still deploy as designed, or would you be getting shrapnel in your face because the bag could not deploy past the designer cover and it just freaking explodes everywhere?