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  1. IS $5500 PPF worth it GT350 ????

    Did they tuck the seems and wrap the corners? I really don’t want to end up with visible seems if possible.
  2. Black exhaust tips on stock mufflers?

    So I’m a big fan of low key much that I don’t even like my polished stainless exhaust tips. Has anyone replaced just the tips with black versions? I’ve looked at Borla, Magnaflow, and even eBay and I haven’t found anything that is swappable without messing with the valve.
  3. Go-Fast Modifications

  4. IS $5500 PPF worth it GT350 ????

    Jeez I wish I could find those prices around me. One guy quoted me $9800 to PPF the whole car with Spek. The local Xpel shop isn’t far behind...and none of these prices include paint correction or ceramic.
  5. Who Names Their Cars and What Is It?

    Ventress for my GT500
  6. Ventress, my ‘21 Shelby GT500 build

    Picked up this beauty on 5 May 2021. a base Rapid Red GT500. Options are: Ebony Black Vinyl over-the-top stripes Black Painted Roof Technology Pack Handling Pack Exposed Carbon Fiber Dash Trim Recaro Race Seats After getting her home my first mods were Weathertech floor mats and black Cobra...
  7. Road rash question for those without PPF

    Yep I’m aware and my detailer is the one recommending me to the PPF guy so he knows what my plan is. Thank you though!
  8. Road rash question for those without PPF

    The guy I’ve been recommended to is on the higher side of pricing but my detail guy swears by him and I swear by my detail guy so who’s to argue lol. I’ve seen his work first hand today on a Tesla Model Y and I couldn’t find one edge or corner that wasn’t tucked. Guess it comes down to what I...
  9. Build date

    My window sticker says 2/26/21 but my door jam sticker says 3/8/21. Which one is the build date?
  10. Road rash question for those without PPF

    First, I appreciate everyone answering my random questions. I’m planning to PPF the front of my car but wanted to see what damage (if any) happens to the rear quarters? I had a ‘16 GT and the area in front of the rear wheels got rashed up pretty bad from the front tires kicking up dust and...
  11. Handing Pack Oil Seperator

    Anyone in here looking to acquire the OE oil separator that comes with the handling/track packs? I wanted to post here before putting it in the sale forum.
  12. California WTB Air Oil Seperator, Passenger Side

    I have one from my GT500 handling pack that I’m not going to use. It’s still sealed in the box.
  13. Empire is not the best star wars movie. Why is it everyone always parroting that it is?

    Each trilogy has to be tested in its own time. It’s unfair to equalize TFM with ANH or TFA.
  14. Empire is not the best star wars movie. Why is it everyone always parroting that it is?

    Beware of the Fandom Menace. Empire is and will always be the best of the original trilogy. That’s my opinion and I don’t care if you disagree just like you won’t care that I do.
  15. Installing New Speakers in B&O System

    If anyone knows where I can find a stealthbox for our cars that would great! Lol
  16. She’s home!

    Thanks everyone! I’ve been drooling over this car ever since Ford starting teasing it. I’m most likely going to remove the stripes, I’ve seen the rapid red without em and I love how clean it looks. I didn’t get to order this one so I had to take what it came with.
  17. She’s home!

    Took a 2.5 hour drive to take delivery today. Unfortunately it rained on the way back so I have a reason to wash it now lol. First impression: my b-hole puckered at 3/4 throttle...holy hell she’s fast!
  18. New 2021 GT500 Second Drive Impressions

    Thanks for the write up! I pick up my GT500 tomorrow morning and can’t wait!