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  1. Retaining paddle shifters with aftermarket steering wheel?

    Here ya go. Get 2 of these: Find the shift up/down control wires in the harness, terminate them at each relay module. Attach remote to either side of the wheel. Velcro? Duct tape? If I were actually into such a nutty idea, I'd probably...
  2. Retaining paddle shifters with aftermarket steering wheel?

    I've only driven a few paddle-shifter cars and none were Mustangs so I can't comment on that, but the control was all essentially just buttons. Some felt cool. Some felt like my xbox controller. But yes, you could theoretically design and fabricate an interface to adapt the paddle-shifters and...
  3. Eco boost VS GT

    In an alternate universe, where there was never a V8 Mustang, people would be gushing over the turbo. On it's own, it's an awesome car and one of the best performance bargains on the market.
  4. What are you doing for short passengers with a non-height- adjustable passenger seat ? Wife can barely see over the dashboard ...

    My wife is a munchkin too, but as long as she can see her iPhone screen she's cool.
  5. Rear bumper truck protector

    Maybe a crazy idea but this Volvo one might be cool. It's just thick rubberized material so it could be trimmed. The black lines are opaque. The white lines in the pic are actually clear so they would be whatever color your car is. Spendy tho...
  6. Bought my son a new 2020 Mustang EcoBoost

    As someone who inherited Granny's 1971 Maverick (which had already been technically totaled by my older sister) when I was 15: I say "Good job , Dad and congrats to the young'n. Try to keep it out of the ditch."
  7. hammered hell

    Yep. I agree. I haven't seen one in person, but I think it looks as good as any other cross-overish class car. I'm sure it's nice to drive and quicker than my knuckle-dragger "real" Mustang. What they named it is kind of irrelevant. I have a 15 mile commute. The Coyote is barely warm after...
  8. hammered hell

    .....kinda want. That color too.
  9. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Yeah well, I don't get my torque wrench calibrated annually either. Clearly, I have a Death-Wish.
  10. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    I've been lectured multiple times about how I'm not supposed to use anti seize on lug threads. I do understand the logic behind it, but I've been doing it for decades and I ain't quittin'.
  11. Ford Mustang Again Claims Best Selling Sports Car and Sports Coupe

    The genius of these cars is that there's a Mustang for every enthusiast and you don't have to be rich to own one. Sports Car? Muscle Car? Grand Tourer? Don't care. It's already good enough to scratch any itches I have for those categories. If I want more of one or the other, I can make it...
  12. Why is everyone buying the replica GT500 rear diffusers instead of OEM?

    I have the MP Concepts GT500 "Style" one because the body shop could get it quicker that the O.E. GT one. If timing had not been an issue, I'd rather have the O.E. one but, the aftermarket one fits fine. This is a commuter car for me. No matter how precious I am about it, it's going to get...
  13. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Handed my wife the keys. We share cars, so it's not like I was being possessive. We've just been busy and she legit hasn't had a chance to drive it. Also, I kind of impulsively bought the thing, so I was a little concerned that she might hate it. Whatever. No worries there. After assing...
  14. Which GT would you pick?

    Neither. Both too expensive.
  15. Dealing with insurance after a wreck

    Yeah. I was issued $430 diminished value. The repair was $14k. So now I have to research and all that BS to dispute. I super-hate that kind of stuff. I should tack on another grand for it cutting in on my XBox time.
  16. Learning Manual in A Mustang

    I don't know if they all have it but my car has hill start assist. None of my other manual cars had that and I guess it helps. I also think it's easier when a car has plenty of torque. Mine is a GT but the Ecoboost is still way more powerful that the kinds of cars I learned on back in caveman times.
  17. Your Other Hobbies

    Most of my leisure time is occupied cooking or learning about cooking. I lived in China for a while and have done a lot of leisure travel so I like to try different culinary styles. Everyone has to eat so it's weird to say cooking is a hobby, but that's really what it is for me. It's the only...
  18. Oof... Australia - Ins. Co. voids policy payout after son wrecks Dad’s S550

    I would at least make the kid think I was considering it :devil: