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  1. First mods to your Mach 1

    If anyone swaps out the grille and would like to part ways with it, slide a message in my DMs ;)
  2. Gen 3 Voodoo Block

    I'm actually eager to see how GM goes about it with the Z06 5.5 FPC. They already had welds separating on the chassis which they already addressed by more dampeners.
  3. 2016 v6 has been repaired 6 times for a rear main seal leak

    Hate to see that. Are you taking it to your dealer? I know it’s an inconvenience but you might want to look into a different one. If you go that route, take each invoice from the repairs with you and explain what has been done each time and the problem persists. But as Qckslvr mentioned, they’re...
  4. What does this symbol mean?

    Looks like a “Play” icon crossed out. So maybe it deselected those stations from rotation? Told them “don’t play” ha, idk
  5. Ford "Easter Eggs" - does the S550 contain any?

    Pretty sure the “Ground Speed” label in the speedometer was a nod to the P51 Mustang
  6. Empire is not the best star wars movie. Why is it everyone always parroting that it is?

    Empire Strikes Back is probably my favorite of the originals. Then Ep II Clone Wars. I don’t really have a “favorite” of the new trilogy but I do really like “Rogue One.” I thought it was better than any of the sequels.
  7. Am I being over critical?

    I would definitely keep pushing until you’re happy since they did the repairs. Aligning the hood shouldn’t be difficult at all assuming other panels are straight. But I will echo what another member mentioned, a dealership shouldn’t be anybody’s first (or second) choice for body work. My $0.02
  8. Anyone have the new UPR Billet Oil Pan Drain Plug with Easy Drain Valve?

    I have the UPR drain plug and catch can. Both are fantastic. You don’t have to remove the entire plug for oil change, but I’m ocd so I’ll usually do it just to check the magnet. But it’s very nice. Would recommend.
  9. My Silver HP Mach 1 has arrived !

    Man if only I had the dollars... the want is real.
  10. 'Auto Armor' etched on side windows?

    Sounds like it to me
  11. Join me in fixing the center speaker issue

    Has anybody here replaced that speaker instead??? It's used for nav and BT, I think, so I want to keep it. Besides, it doesn't really bother me now with surround ON, but need to remove the damn dash again to eliminate a new rattle, so might as well make an upgrade, so I don't break stuff again...
  12. New Mustang Nascar Leaked First Look

    Looks like an Audi R8. Surprised it’s not a Mach 1 livery
  13. Argghhh...what went wrong with this paint/door repair?

    Yeah the paint looks ok, just needs to be cut and buff with a compound. I’d think any reputable detail/paint shop can fix it easily. Surprised the repair shop didn't do that.
  14. The EPA sues Ez- link diesel tuning company, get ready for the coming tide.

    Let's be honest. If this WAS about the environment, if all this was TRULY about cleaning up vehicle emissions, then all of this would be a MOOT point. Institute a tailpipe test in all states. If a vehicle passes it passes. I'm not talking "visual" inspection. There are other factors at play...
  15. Goodbye yall.

    Congrats on the type R. I like those a lot. I wish they made a sedan or coupe model tho.
  16. Fixing the notorious "Tramlining" issues with running wide front tires on your S550 with the Steeda 2 Point G Trac Brace!

    I have 275/35s all around but I blame my tramlining issues on the roads entirely. I would be willing to try the Steeda bar tho
  17. Gen 3 Voodoo Block

    Yeah, I think so... I’ve not heard about that gen 3 until now, even when I have talked with few Ford engine builders. They never commented anything about 3rd gen, it always was about “new block engine”.
  18. Airbox Snorkel

    Thanks. That’s awesome! What JLT intake do you have? Does the intake pipe fit into the box? Have you tried yet?
  19. Airbox Snorkel

    I ordered it from my local Ford dealer. I just asked them to order the airbox assembly which I thought would come with the snorkel but it didn't. Here's pictures of the boxes with the part numbers, I think I remember paying about $200.