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  1. GM and Ford Cutting Production at Several North American Plants Due to Chip Shortage
  2. Non-CFTP 4, 5 or 6 point harness?

    Thanks. Everything was included with the exception of the grip pins which are optional. Install was easy. Just be cautious when you pull the trim panel as it could scrape against another section of trim near the upper back corner of the side window.
  3. Non-CFTP 4, 5 or 6 point harness?

    Thanks Adrian. I did have to bend the rear brackets but not the front and I did not have to make any modifications to the trim panel. Each belt takes 4 grip pins and 4 were sent in one package. I too used thin zip ties to secure the excess strap in the rear after rolling it up.
  4. Non-CFTP 4, 5 or 6 point harness?

    I recently installed the latest version of the Schroth QuickFit Pro 4 point harness.
  5. Built by ? Williams, how have they held up?
  6. Non-CFTP 4, 5 or 6 point harness?

    Mustang QuickFit if anyone is interested in ordering one specific for the 2020/2021 GT500. I received this email on 1/28. Good morning Craig, I am reaching out to you to let you know that we are expecting the new quickfits for the 2018 and newer Mustangs to arrive in the coming days. I have...
  7. Ford ESP Warranty Plan Price Increase (Updated)

    How is the Shelby “exclusion” handled when you process your request? I assume that means Shelby American? What Ford models are excluded from coverage? Any performance modified vehicle assembled by dealer or customer (not ordered directly from Ford); examples include but not limited to: Roush...
  8. Just received my 2020 GT500 and need your guys opinions

    This photo shows the routing and clip location on my build.
  9. Mustang Brake Recall

    There is a Standard Pedal and a Sport Pedal Package.
  10. 1st Mods on 2020 GT500

    When will yours be available Tob?
  11. 2020 Shelby GT500 and GT350 Dealer Allocation

    Dealer in PA has a base coming in (built on 12/3). Twister Orange, Leather Seats, Exposed Carbon Fiber I/P, Black OTT Stripes and Side Stripes, Technology Package, Handling Package, Gray Vehicle Cover. $81,860 MSRP + $5K ADM. PM me for details.
  12. First GT500 oil change

    12.0 qts. gave me this.
  13. Non-CFTP 4, 5 or 6 point harness?

    For anyone that may be interested, Schroth Racing is planning to have the QuickFit Pro 4 point harness available for the GT500 in January or February 2021.
  14. Rapid Red Metallic GT500 pictures

    Probably not too many nice driving days left for us northerners.
  15. 1st Mods on 2020 GT500

    Looks great KB. The plate is awesome as well!
  16. Couple of small issues, how many others have these....

    16 gallons per the owners manual supplement.
  17. 2020 GT500 - First Oil Change

    5% discount code for anyone purchasing from RockAuto.
  18. 2020 GT500's Scheduled For Production - Part 2

    Congratulations John! Any chance you will still be able to get your father-in-law a ride? Hopefully so.
  19. Who takes the power to weight ratio title?

    This has been around for some time but for those that have not seen it.