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  1. Mach 1 Order Stats - Take Rates

    I'm shocked people are spending 60k on a mustang with no power seats. My dealer has 3 of them sitting and no one will buy them.
  2. 2018+ gen 3 coyote cams

    The CJ fits, just waiting for lund to get the 11-14 GT throttle electronics working for the monoblade. I had a 800whp 16 gt 6r80 procharged and a 640 whp phase 2 roush 16 gt mt82 and I'm torn between boostworks twins or N/A. I'm highly considering N/A right now because lund already made...
  3. 2018+ gen 3 coyote cams

    I should have been more clear about it.
  4. 2018+ gen 3 coyote cams

    I'm not mad, I've built numerous ecoboost cars including my 500whp focus st, xtreme-di offered me a partial sponsorship and I turned it down 6 months ago. I've seen some people try it and for the price it's not shown a significant improvement. I shouldn't even have mentioned fueling in my...
  5. 2018+ gen 3 coyote cams

    bruh, did you read what I posted, I never mentioned about doing cams for more fuel. I said doing cams for performance, and if you're going to swap them you may as well get a fuel lobe option if it exists. Calm down and take your negativity elsewhere please, you've already expressed your opinion...
  6. 2018+ gen 3 coyote cams

    Yeah a few of the ecoboost guys tested the xtreme di and were not impressed. They are too expensive. guess we'll wait and see.
  7. 2018+ gen 3 coyote cams

    So port injection is nice, but the goal is still to offer the most from the DI side as possible as DI will allow for higher compression. The reason you see 93 boosted 18's making 660-680 is because they run out of DI and rely on the port side more which doesn't offer the cooling benefit of DI...
  8. 2018+ gen 3 coyote cams

    Anyone working on cams, I'm wondering if fuel lobe size can be increased for more fueling on the direct injection side and if higher intake lift/duration can be achieved for higher rpm power. like 8500 rpm shifts with a cobra jet setup (once tuning for the throttle bodies has been figured out)...
  9. Has anyone compared 2018 intake manifold to GT350 intake manifold (both on a 2018)?

    Cobra Jet is still the way and probably worth around 30 whp over the 18 manifold if not a little more. Lund said the throttle eletronics on 11-14 cars, 15-17 cars and 18+ cars are different and they need R&D time to try to get an 11-14 throttle working so people can start swapping cobra jets on...
  10. ROUSH Calibration Locks PCM?

    Ditto at what yonson said. The OEM strategy is missing pids/parameters for properly tuning for forced induction such as SIP/TIP. Some tuners hack away at the throttle map (poor partial throttle drivability) to allow forced induction operation with the OEM strategy where as most tuners will...
  11. 2018 Mustang guys, check your paint!

    First time I detailed her since I got her about a week and a half ago. I visually inspected the paint before apply wax after washing and I found rail dust (all my white fords have rail dust visible), however I was not expecting to see bubbles. I fought ford on my bubbles on my 2017 ST, but...
  12. 2018 Throttle Body size?

    Okay so to answer your question, yes its 80mm and you can ask JLT to put the gt350 coupler in the kit if you bolt on a gt350 throttlebody, however. the throttle eletronics are a lot different per Jon from Lund, so tuning them requires R&D.
  13. 2018 X Pipes

    $529 for a double x-pipe, have they lost their minds? Anything over $299 is overpriced.
  14. 2018 Throttle Body size?

    I was gonna make this post yesterday too, I'm pretty sure it's the 80mm, but I couldn't find the details, I even looked at the JLT intake for tube size. I was wondering if gt350 throttlebody would be a $199 upgrade path and if the gt350 JLT would fit. I'll call JLT tomorrow.
  15. MAK performance 2018 GT makes 846 RWHP.

    To each their own :) I'm a fan of e40/e50, I've been mixing it for years it's super easy. I'm always within 2-3 % and more accurate than pumping e85 cause it's not always e85. I use fuel-it universal kit for $329 and have the app on my phone that tells me the content. e40 is usually around...
  16. MAK performance 2018 GT makes 846 RWHP.

    After talking with AdrianMAK I'm going to give the following a try. Stage 2 P1X 9-10 psi VMP BAP deatschwerks 95lb injectors DW400 pump with MAK modified hat E40 fuel And try for 850->900 whp
  17. MAK performance 2018 GT makes 846 RWHP.

    My guess here would be if you used a lower ethanol content like e30/e40 as opposed to e85, you would be able to get further on the DI side. I've built 7 ecoboost cars between fiesta/focus and f150's and I tuned my focus at 500 whp on e50 fuel mix with split second port injection, 28 psi and no...
  18. Resonator Delete on a 2018?

    I can't even hear my 2018? Mines a base mt82.
  19. 18 5.0 manifold porting

    18 manifold is on back order? I have a 2018 5.0 I was wondering if there was any improvement to be had over stock with a little porting.