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  1. Start Button Install help

    A nice addition to the interior for sure!
  2. Start Button Install help

    Do like the instructions say and unhook the negative battery'll have to reset a few of your dash options, etc....but still a good idea to unhook. I used an angled o'ring pick...worked perfectly to get behind the stock button...takes a pretty good tug to pop it loose. Then just...
  3. Gen 3 oil pressure

    The Gen 3 5.0 Coyote comes with an oil pressure control solenoid that lowers it at low rpm and toggles to close it at high rpm. So it's normal to see a low psi at idle...probably around 20 psi...and then higher psi as your rpm's increase.
  4. Factory installed summer only tires.

    Not unusual....especially if they sat in the same spot for a while during cold weather.
  5. New Mustang Nascar Leaked First Look

    Looks closer to a Trans Am Series body style to me.
  6. New Mustangs on hold

    Just reading that a semiconductor shortage is shuttering the Flat Rock Assembly plant for at least a week starting Monday August sorry for anyone with a new Mustang on order....the wait just got a little longer.
  7. Heater Core Delete

    If you could unhook the vents from the heater box and then vent the airflow from the box outside....when on track turn your heat and fan to high and you have essentially added another cooler to your coolant system. I have several track buddies with cars that are not "track only", who when on a...
  8. Modifying active exhaust valves to be open all the time?

    If you bought the mufflers, I think it would be easier and less work, to just lock the valves wide open than to remove them. They are essentially just a butterfly valve like in your throttle body and when wide open create very little flow resistance.
  9. Finally got MGW installed!

    I replaced manual trans fluid at 3300 miles on my 2020 GT PP LEVEL 2...used BG Syncro Shift II...the difference in shifting was remarkable! Took about 30 miles of driving and shifting for it to penetrate everywhere, but it is now so incredibly smooth and positive in shifting...can't recommend...
  10. Best Tuner in Tri-State Area/Supercharger Opinion

    You my humble opinion...the best Mustang tuner in the business right in your own backyard of Freehold New Jersey.... JDM Engineering. I have used them for my Mustang and F-150 tunes for 12 years and every tune from them has been flawless. Just this summer I drove all the way from...
  11. Mach 1 fender extensions for the PP2

    In August, I was told by Carl Widmann that the extensions would be made available at some point...probably through Ford Performance. Just have to keep checking for them, as I don't imagine there will be any kind of formal announcement made about their availability.
  12. Side stripes? Yes or No

    I decided that "Over the top" stripes had been done to death...and so I designed my own side stripes and had a local company produce and install them.
  13. Wonky back-up camera

    A recall for a faulty circuit board inside the camera has been announced by Ford. Ford says the recall will begin on November 7th. As many as 700,000 Ford vehicles may be affected....with the Mustang being the only Ford car in the recall. From recent Consumer Reports online article: Vehicles...
  14. Iconic Silver Pics

    2020 Iconic Silver Premium GT 401A Performance Pack LEVEL 2 in front of Henry Ford home at Henry Ford Estate.
  15. In the market for a 2020 PP2- is production over?

    Carl Widmann recently confirmed to me that 2020 is the final year for the PP Level 2 Mustangs. So, I'm afraid you are now limited to those that are already out in the market place.
  16. Ford Performance released its PP2 replica wheels

    The easiest way is to look at the valve stem placement. The 10.5 fronts will have the valve stem between the forks and the 11 will have the valve stem in the wide gap between 2 of the forks.

    Was talking with Carl Widmann ( Mustang Project Chief Engineer ) last Sunday. I didn't realize it, but he said 2020 was the last year for the PP Level 2. He didn't specifically say PP Level 1 would be gone, as we were talking all things Level 2, but I'm going to assume that 2020 will be the last...
  18. Rant time...what's the worst thing about your Mustang?

    I'm sure it's been mentioned somewhere in the previous 78 pages of this topic....but my beef is the arrangement and location of the cruise control buttons. They are not easy to get to where they are placed on the bottom side of the steering wheel spoke and don't seem to me to be intuitive in...
  19. Sirus XM

    If you're a city dweller with several good FM stations locally that you like and don't travel outside your home territory very much, then FM is probably great for you. If like me, you live out in the boonies...far away from any decent FM station reception and/or you travel across the country a...

    Yes...I put them on as I installed the Stainless Works CatBack exhaust. I decided it would be easier to wrap the header tape on each pipe before it went in place under the car. Which is why you see only one side done in the photos....I took photos as I was doing the driver's side and had yet to...