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  1. New Mustang Nascar Leaked First Look

    Looks like a BMW
  2. Where to put It

    On my right hip, in it's holster.
  3. Angry horse head fender emblems

    Love the RED eye!!!
  4. Custom plates, let's see them!

    I like your striping!
  5. And Another Crazy Mustang Stunt!

    It's a Mustang,..... Perfecto!
  6. Lost FOB?

    I wonder what the front of that picture looks like?
  7. a little something for your OCD

    You basically took my line. ;^) I also have CDO. It’s OCD in alphabetical order. Good call.
  8. How many of you have NEVER owned a Mustang previously?

    I'm a German car guy for decades, this is my first muscle car, and I Love it.
  9. So I don't lock my doors, why bother?

    Briebee72, I got a kick out of reading (trying to) read your thread on not locking your car. And being the admitted non-typing king. Thanks for that laugh. Please DON'T call the police when something happens to your unlocked Mustang. They will look at you and say "Really, You Called Why"?
  10. Buddies or sworn enemies?

    The parking lot lights make the stripe on your Mustang look green.
  11. Buddies or sworn enemies?

    Or the Bumble Bee.
  12. Buddies or sworn enemies?

    The Apple of your eye, I see you still like Red.
  13. Buddies or sworn enemies?

    If I can ask what BMW's in purple?, not sure I have ever seen one in purple. Plus 1 ?
  14. The digital dash conundrum:(

    If they are highway miles, you are golden. I love the dash in the 401A package!
  15. Get a actual spare tire..

    OP lives in DC, Pot Hole city, as he explained someone else hit the same thing. Great job on the spare. At least you could sit there with the AC on.
  16. My Mustang Caught My Girlfriend Cheating!

    I can't believe this tread is Still Going, and going, and going. But not Gone like the ex-GF. See Ya.
  17. Cool experience with a cop...

    Well said Greg!
  18. Cool experience with a cop...

    I write warnings 10 to 19 over, tickets most times, 20 and over. But not always, if I get a good story. LOL:crackup: Re. vandalism. The car is garage kept, and I don't park anywhere near anyone else. But I guess it could still happen. especially in this day and age, But hasn't yet. :stop: :flag: