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  1. Empire is not the best star wars movie. Why is it everyone always parroting that it is?

    The Original Star Wars Rogue One Revenge of the Sith Clone Wars Cartoon Series Mandalorian Empire Return of the Jedi Attack of the Clones Rebels Solo Phantom Menace The three new ones
  2. Massive price hikes on used Mustang models

    All used cars are going up in price. There is a shortage of new cars because of the worldwide chip shortage. Many plants are shut down, so it’s a supply and demand issue.
  3. Ford Mustang Again Claims Best Selling Sports Car and Sports Coupe

    It's a fun car; it basically only seats two people, it goes fast, models have high horsepower, a convertible is available, it's a sports car. Many on here buy them as toys and not as their daily car, so yeah, it's a sports car. I know a lot will argue, but most people would say it's a sports car.
  4. 2019 Ford Mustang brings California Special, rev-matching and more

    I LOVE the look of the California Special. I'm going to add the side scoops to my GT. Already have them, just waiting on summer heat so they will attach good. I think the CS is a great package!
  5. Official Ford Sync3 3.4 Release

    Thanks, everything is on in the settings, and all of the codes matched even from the post you shared. Just the weirdest thing. I do appreciate all the help though! I played with it last night some and with forscan again this morning, I’m sure I will try again soon though, you know how it goes...
  6. Official Ford Sync3 3.4 Release

    Yes, and I have tried so many different codes and nothing has brought it back. I even tried the line 47 from the spreadsheet above, mine already had the B in the code spot. In fact, as I looked, all my codes had the right code in the right spot. Something weird, but if that’s my only issue, I...
  7. Official Ford Sync3 3.4 Release

    i thought so, but I wanted to double-check. Thank you for the reminder though, that’s why I didn’t change anything yet. I’ll try that code out on line 47 and see if it works. I guess in the end it’s not that big of a deal, the lines are there, the camera works, and the beeps work, its just...
  8. Official Ford Sync3 3.4 Release

    Todd, Thank you for this information. I have a base 2019, and I upgraded to the 8” screen. I guess I don’t know for sure if the car wasn’t showing after I upgraded, but I only this week noticed it isn’t there. So, i just hooked up the computer and looked at the codes In forscan. I didn’t...
  9. Official Ford Sync3 3.4 Release

    Yes, that one. I noticed yesterday that I don't have it anymore. Really weird. IDK how long it has been gone, but it is definitely not showing up any more.
  10. Official Ford Sync3 3.4 Release

    On the Sync 3, version 3.4 screen do you guys have the little car showing on the back-up screen? I've noticed mine isn't showing any more. Any ideas? Is it a Forscan thing? Or does it not exist any more?
  11. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Today I upgraded my lousy 2019 single horn to a proper dual horn, and yesterday I installed Ford sport pedals to upgrade the interior somewhat. Spring Mustang fever is real! Oh, I guess I should report that I haven’t eaten anything in it yet!!
  12. 2019 Mustang Horn - Single Tone - Solution

    Installed my dual horn today. Have a bloody thumb and forearm to show for it, but well worth it in the end. It sounds like a real horn now and I’m glad I did it. It’s almost a “must do” for a 2019 owner. Thanks for all the advice here I was able to get it done fairly quickly and easily! Now...
  13. Matte or gloss black emblems

    On my black accent package, everything is gloss. I love it against the race red, looks amazing.
  14. Adding USB

    I agree with BadHabit, just get a dual cigarette lighter plug in. They are in every gas station, wal-mart, etc, for around $5.
  15. Spare tire part numbers?

    I don’t think there is a spare made for the Brembos. Most that want a full spare get a fifth wheel and don’t pump the tire up all the way So it will fit.
  16. 2018+ people: anyone else interested in a Mach1 style grille?

    I like it too. In fact, just yesterday I was searching on here to see if anyone else had asked about this. I think it would be a simple swap. I’d want to put lights in it myself. It should be available as a service part, I don’t know why it wouldn’t.
  17. Spare tire part numbers?
  18. 20 questions about my 1st oil change

    Really can’t go wrong with motorcraft oil and motorcraft filter. That’s what they develop the engine with and test it and send it home from the factory with. I’ve used nothing but motorcraft in my Fords for more than 20 years, no issues.
  19. What is it that you love about the Mustang?

    I've loved Mustangs my whole life. As a child they always stuck out to me with the horse on the grill and the cool styling. My first car was a 1968. It was in pretty bad shape, but I loved it and learned a lot about working on cars from it. My Dad and my grandmother both had Mustangs, and I...