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  1. Science is now cancelled?

    do you guys realise that science is enabling you to argue from polar opposites of the world almost real time? Just checking you get the irony of this. also @sk47 turns out your sacrifice towards US population is not unique. Birth rate in the US is dropping fast and there's a few reasons and...
  2. 2020 Mustang with B&O - Audio upgrade ( London based )

    oh i get that totally. Drove an mr2 turbo for 15 yrs, 5yrs without a radio and er yeah continued into the mustang. All about the exhaust but i take your point. We are all different :fistbump:
  3. 2020 Mustang with B&O - Audio upgrade ( London based )

    save up, buy your exhaust and never listen to the music again. You're gonna spend the money on the exhaust, might as well start saving with the 500quid audio fund! Just my 2p
  4. Pet Peeves

    not getting in any shape or form political but how is swimming in a bleach style environment not the safest place to be? Apart from being on your own of course lol. Stupid stupid rules
  5. Boot lid seam corrosion/rust help

    sure are a lot of angry people on this thread, you guys all been reading Off Topic bunfights? I have managed to refrain from entering into the bunfight / mud slinging this time round, others not so much lol. Can't we just get along or better yet, you guys keep arguing back and forth on here and...
  6. A word of advice

    you are correct which is why I tried it at 40mph so I know what to do in my boring manual. I'm trying not to have a total dig but you guys driving auto's really ought to know how this shit works before you kill yourselves or someone else like the Toyota drivers of yesteryear. I mean, you need...
  7. Next Gen Mustang Nascar | Ford Performance Release Video

    Aussie V8's gen3 (race car designation)
  8. A word of advice

    in an automatic, you push the shifter into neutral.. then do the same as everyone else, triple tap or long press. I'd suggest at 120mph all this will happen pretty fast.
  9. What did you do to your UK S550 Mustang Today

    very nice, whats the wheels / specs and whats the suspension you are running?
  10. Boot lid seam corrosion/rust help

    oh look our chevy loving stalker is back. Dude, do you need a hug?🤗
  11. Boot lid seam corrosion/rust help

    man give it a rest you guys lol. Beginning to sound like a lot of the yanks that argue over size of the pixels on their screens. we drive a muscle car, a RHD muscle car so it's a good day to be alive :fistbump:
  12. What did you do to your UK S550 Mustang Today

    what happens if you leave the handbrake on slightly just to take up the tension on the pads but still overcome it easily with some clutch. Does it still clunk?
  13. Boot lid seam corrosion/rust help

    unles of course your car is a week old to you in which case you do fight it :bandit:
  14. Boot lid seam corrosion/rust help

    well I checked my service history book and the dealer that sold me the car on its 2nd anniversary, did the service but no stamp in the bodywork section. The service done in February where I specifically mentioned to do the bodywork and corrosion check yeah thats missed too. Wt actual F with...
  15. Boot lid seam corrosion/rust help

    onto Ford then but I'd certainly complain to the dealer you bought it from as it's clearly not in the condition as said. Hopefully you'll get a fix easy enough but let us know the outcome :like:
  16. Boot lid seam corrosion/rust help

    as it's new to you and sold with a warranty from the garage you bought it from, that should be your first stop and ask for the eye test results of the RAC inspector as well.
  17. Boot lid seam corrosion/rust help

    if the car is being serviced at Ford and they are following the SOP for the services then surely they must do the corrosion inspections defacto. If not, argue your case. Fck all point going to a dealership for servicing work if it doesn't keep warranty in check. Next step, argue with the Ford...
  18. Photograph of the Month - May 2021. Guidelines in post #1

    holy crap, look how narrow the original model is! S550 has some serious puppy fat lol
  19. What did you do to your UK S550 Mustang Today

    drove it, tested if you can turn off the engine while still moving (emergency situation ie throttle stuck wide open or horrible metal destroying noises from engine etc) and yes you can turn it off while moving which is nice to know. I had a mk1 mr2 stuck at WOT on a motorway slip road but...
  20. A word of advice

    no idea! Someone else can test that on a nice area of wide open private land :crackup: