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  1. New Mustang Nascar Leaked First Look

    I like it a lot better than the one on the mustang7g site.
  2. Join me in fixing the center speaker issue

    Just snipped it. Should have done it day one. What a waste of a speaker.
  3. Ford Mustang Again Claims Best Selling Sports Car and Sports Coupe

    Congrats to Ford. I smile every time I drive my Stang and that's really all that matters. :like:
  4. Catemp PID- looking for info

    Thanks! Interesting that it came on at 1680. Was this noticeable driving or you saw lambda drop? What is cot lambda on your setup? Did you see this in the log where it “dropped”?
  5. 2021MY Mustang Facelift spied again?

    My thoughts are enough with S550 can we move on to the S650 already LOL
  6. Man Breaks Solo Cannonball Run Record in Rental Mustang GT

    I done 156 in my GT PP1 nothing fishy there.
  7. This is the brand new 2021 Mustang Mach-1

    The GT 460 hp The Bullitt 480 hp What's next .... lol It's a Mustang so yes hp matters but you're dead on about the "projected" part maybe they will surprise us.
  8. This is the brand new 2021 Mustang Mach-1

    I see your point but IMO it doesn't move the needle enough for me to get excited about it.
  9. This is the brand new 2021 Mustang Mach-1

    I'm disappointed. Just seems like nothing more than a dressed up Bullitt that's all. The Auto is nice, but 480 hp! Should be at least 500 hp
  10. 2020 Shelby GT500 PRICING (MSRP/Invoice) Including Packages & Options

    I'm at 87K ish after taxes etc the way I want it which isn't bad. Track and Handing package for 20K and 10k for painted racing stripes is ridiculous! For 10k I will take the Vinyl Stripes and have the whole car wrapped in paint protected film. I'm a weekend driver so the Track and Handing...
  11. Official: 2018 Ford Mustang Refresh Detailed! (Options/Features, Specs, Photos, Info)

    I just don't like it. Saw it at the NY Auto Show face to face with the 2017 and it wasn't close. I loved every change since the Fifth generation until this one.:tsk: