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  1. Chip Problems

    I hope so brah. I'm a basket case. Keep staring at my beautiful ruby red 2018 sitting there collecting dust while Ford tries to make sense of shipping customer orders.
  2. Order submitted today GT premium.

    Today Ford extended the Flat Rock closure to include the weeks of May 17 and 24 so maybe July… sigh
  3. Ordered cars

    I was shaking hands with the dealer 10 days later than you but its looking like I wont be getting the car for at least 6 weeks or more later than you.
  4. Nevada Set of four Gloss Graphite SVE 19x11 SP2's

    FWIW, spacers and extended studs are NOT required for OEM PP2 wheels on non-Shelbys. The LMR's must have a different offset. OEM PP2 specs are 10.5" / +24 front, 11" / +48 rear.
  5. Order submitted today GT premium.

    Thanks! The absolute hardest part about ordering the Mach was having to give up the ruby red. So many times I walk into the garage and see it and think God you’re beautiful! (I know, weird.). Always looking clean was the reason for picking the silver… like you, I can’t stand when it’s even dusty.
  6. Order submitted today GT premium.

    I got an email from Ford 12 days ago saying my build date has been pushed back to the week of June 21, but the tracking site still says it will arrive at the dealer June 10.
  7. My Black Mach 1 Landed!

    Kinda liking that! One of the big draws for ordering silver was the little bit of red hood and door striping, but highlighting the edge of the spoiler too is a pretty good idea. Just enough red to catch your eye.
  8. Has anyone purchased a Mach 1 under MSRP?

    Saw that $7K ADM one in Monroeville, those guys are idiots.
  9. Has anyone ordered a Mach 1 yet

    So part of the agony of waiting for delivery is leaving my 2018 parked in the garage because I don't want to add miles and give the dealer ammo to renegotiate the trade value, and don't want to take the chance on dents and dings... or worse. Yesterday evening I couldn't stand it any more and...
  10. Pennsylvania OEM PP2 wheels with tires and TPMS

    Added shipping info to the listing.
  11. Pennsylvania OEM PP2 wheels with tires and TPMS

    Only reason I'm a little inflexible right now is that if for some reason the Mach 1 doesn't happen, I'd be really ticked if I didn't have these to put back on my 2018.
  12. Has anyone purchased a Mach 1 under MSRP?

    Told my dealer that another dealer (who happened to be Zach at Granger) was selling ordered cars for 2% under invoice and said if you'll match that I'll buy from you so they agreed. Didn't tell them Granger is a 13 hour drive away. Got it in writing from their sales manager but will believe it...
  13. Has anyone ordered a Mach 1 yet

    Comes from Ford if your dealer entered your email with the order to Ford
  14. Need a new trans output flange ?

  15. Has anyone ordered a Mach 1 yet

    Feels like we need an iconic silver registry… very few other colors ordered in more than one or two!

    OK so about 1% of the weight of the car... that's why I was wondering if anyone ever was able to measure a performance improvement. Again, if it's for looks mainly, that's cool too.

    What's the benefit of a rear seat delete? Weight savings? I've taken the rear seats out and they are not heavy. Thinking the total weight savings can't be more than about 25 pounds, hard to imagine any measurable performance improvements. If it's just for coolness factor I get it though.
  18. Slowly Hating The Appearance Pkg ..............

    LOL. Part of the reason I ordered silver - figured it was about as stealth as you can get while still always looking clean!
  19. Ordered cars

    Your dealer should be able to give you the order number and dealer number. Then you can call Ford customer service and request that you get emails with status updates, and your VIN.
  20. Ordered cars

    Thanks. I’m looking for manual, handling package and 700A tho.