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  1. Base or PP1?

    It was 3k when i got it in '17, but now it's 5k. Same stuff. Have you thought of a lightly used PP1 car? 'Base' - no Torsion, no center gauges, no strut bar, lighter duty springs, no lower body reinforcement plates. No go for me.
  2. MT82 & MT82-D4 Class Action; Case # 2:19-cv-09773 FMO(Ex)

    M82 is a lousy transmission. It was worse in '15, It's slowly evolved in to a decent daily drive trans, but has no business in a top of the line sports car. Should come with a Tremec. Mine shifted like garbage from day 1, but didn't drive it harde enough to ever get it to fail, I am careful with...
  3. Installing 2015-17 Recaro seats in 2018+

    Airbags are the same, at least as far as the car is concerned. can't speak to the connector problem.
  4. 2018 Digital Cluster Installation Guide

    Stupid Fucking shit, i can't even find where to share it. Head up the asshole programmer in india forgot about it i guess. Hope this displays???
  5. 2018 Digital Cluster Installation Guide

    Sorry, i don't get here much since i sold the stang. you will cut out most of the center and up top, but you need to leave a link on the left side where i marked to keep the plastic joined in one piece, basically you taking the center out of it but leaving the surrounding portion, the bottom for...
  6. Will you still be buying parts for your car during the Coronavirus Pandemic?

    Just ordered a New Ranger FX2 in Sabre yestertday. WTF, these dealer hacks can't see the value of 520 bucks for a locking rear diff? One in the state.
  7. 2018 Digital Cluster Installation Guide

    the left side was easy, as i recall, just drill into plastic, the right side you'll need a metal punch to dent the hole for precise drilling, the hole is right on a edge of some metal support. and a decent little assortment of fine drills. you could probably get away with just one small drill...
  8. 2018 Digital Cluster Installation Guide

    Funny to see my Name mentioned. ?All i can say is that carefully cutting the plastic to preserve a link down the left side, and carefully drilling in the right place(s) will allow you to attach the upper part of the cluster with 2 self tapper screws. You'll need to use a metal punch on the right...
  9. 2019 GT: 10K Mile Service

    The Fuel system cleaner was ridiculous at 10k miles. 60k, maybe, 100k ok, but at 10k your injectors probably are better then new. and they doubled up on the fuel additives too. The guy at the auto parts store will change your blades, if you don't have 10 mins to figure it out, and the cabin...
  10. 2015 Mustang GT vs. 2019 Challenger Red Eye Hellcat

    Basically he's Got twice your power. Cancel. or buy a Shelby
  11. California OEM Leather Recaros, low miles. NorCal, No Shipping

    You look into her eyes, she looks past you, and says, 'is that real Recaro leather?' , Yes, yes it is, you say,.......
  12. Dealer wrecked my 2019 GT350

    You would be truly FDuckjng yourself if you ever took possession if this car. Note the Vin, as stated, begin a search for your new GT 350 : )
  13. 2018 Digital Cluster Upgrade kit

    it shows as an option in the cluster programming page. it is a recent update, so you may have to get the latest version of forscan that has it. that's what i had to do. my license didn't require updating, just opened the updated app, went to read and edit the cluster, and the millage option was...
  14. California OEM Leather Recaros, low miles. NorCal, No Shipping

    mUST...... SELL....... s e A T s.......
  15. 2018 Digital Cluster Upgrade kit

    sorry, thought i updated this to SOLD.
  16. I put my GT on the weight scale.

    did you get out of the car ? lol
  17. California GT350 CAI and GT350 Throttlebody with adapter to 15-17 GT.

    a CAI AND a GT350 Trottle Body for 350? Whaaaaaaat?
  18. California GT350 CAI and GT350 Throttlebody with adapter to 15-17 GT.

    blip blop bloam, hello to your home,, at the top!