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  1. Dyno tomorrow, any guesses

    Thanks for posting this up, great stuff. Not sure if this has been asked or gone over but what's your opinion on the build quality on your 500 jwhite?
  2. Car and Driver 2020 GT500 First Test - 11.4 @ 132 quarter mile

    Had a friend take me for a ride in his in the summer, my mind was blown at how violently that thing accelerated.
  3. More 2020 GT500s delivered!

    More pics when you can, Beautiful spec. Congrats!
  4. Dealer Mark Up....taking it to the extreme

    ^^^What this guy says, dealers do it because people will pat that.
  5. Speed Phenom puts his 2020 GT500 on the scale!

    I find in comical all the hate and jealousy of this kid. I understand he may not be every ones cup of tea but he's putting out good, relevant content. He' trying to maximize how much he makes just like the rest of us with our regular jobs. Worst case just FF to the juicy parts. Buncha grown ass...
  6. SEMA 2019: One-Off JDRF GT500 in Venom + Shelby GT500 Underbody Shots

    ^^^I'm thinking it looks more like magnetic without the metallic, agreed its cool looking colour. Wouldnt mind seeing it with the splitter on and different lighting.
  7. Just got a call back regarding a GT500 inquiry months ago.... ADM dropped from 15k to 5k.

    ^^^ I guess you missed the part where i said supply and demand will drive prices, once the cars start piling up at the dealerships you'll see adm's and sticker drop as well.
  8. Just got a call back regarding a GT500 inquiry months ago.... ADM dropped from 15k to 5k.

    Anyone of us would do the same as the dealerships do with their adm's. Supply and demand will drive the prices of the 500's. Don't like the price, move along. Don't like the build quality move along. I love it when guys demand a dirt cheap products or services when they have no idea the blood...
  9. 2020/2021 GT500 color palate and color example links

    Waiting to see magnetic, thinking it'll look good. Silver was always my least desirable colour but its looking like a front runner.
  10. So about the "Venom Kills Demons" statement

    As others have said it was a fly by the seat of your pants comment and in retrospect, I’m sure he would take it back. The horsepower bragging rights go dodge but I would love to see a same day/same track/same tire set up/competent drivers head to head gt500 vs Demon. I think the results would...
  11. Ford Mustang Twitter Horsepower Reveal

    At 799, why not just put it in the 800’s so you’ll be in the 800 club so I don’t think it’ll be that. I think the double pluses behind the 700 have significant meaning so I’m thinkin 780 will be the magic number. That and if the weight is 4000-4050# than will have ourselves a top level performer.
  12. [Faked] Leaked 2020 GT500 0-60 & 1/4 times from Road and Track?

    ^^^^ Totally agree, 4037 lbs is a win. If that trap speed is correct than we have a deadly performer on our hands.
  13. Signature Track Day Feature From Hot Rod Network

    Great pics, thanks for sharing! The heffers on the back of that 70, wowzer!!!!
  14. Fake Spec Sheet

    760-780 hp and weighing under 3900# would make this an epic performance machine, how ever no way it'll weigh under 4100#.
  15. Letter to FORD addressing ADM?

    My goodness guys, if you don’t wanna pay adm than wait a few months to snatch one up. There’ll be plenty to go around. Scoop up one of the many fine choices of performance vehicals in the $70-100k while u wait for the dust to settle.
  16. Am I the only who is disappointed?

    I disagree, as much as I initially thought that doc was bogus he makes an extremely compelling arguement as to the accuracy of it.
  17. Am I the only who is disappointed?

    From a comparative and logical stand point I'm guessing this car will be around 755 hp/660 tq. trinity specs 5.8L 32 valve 9.5:1 compression 2.3L [email protected] psi 662hp 631tq 3871 lbs predator specs 5.2L 32 valve ? compression 2.65L @12 psi ?hp ?tq ? lbs I understand looks are subjective but...
  18. Shelby GT500 to Debut this Thusday at Dream Cruise?

    At this point something smells fishy, either the next gt500 will be epic or a complete flop. I think its been delayed in lieu of the competitions latest offerings. As much as I hated the 18 front end refresh its really grown on me and think it looks awesome, Im thinking ford realized it was a...
  19. Estimate the 2019 GT500’s HP. *Poll*

    Love how some of you guys are obsessed purely with power numbers. 725-750 hp is more than enough. keep the weight slightly above the gt350, improve the handling slightly over the 350 and you'll have a machine that 99% of us cant handle in the twisties. For the straight line guys throw on a tire...
  20. 2020 GT500 Mustang Caught Testing Uncovered For The First Time

    Mind bogling to me that they didn’t use the new headlight design, although there is a fair bit of sexiness going on in the rear. I’m fairly certain this cars performance will not dissappint. Like others have said doesn’t appear to be as striking as the gt350 but sometimes less is more.