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  1. Need help!! Mantic clutch issue.

    Totally. She’s a performer tho!
  2. Need help!! Mantic clutch issue.

    The adjustable pedal stop made a big diff for me. The hatefulness is still there but overall I think it’s just a characteristic of this race clutch. It doesn’t do this stuff under load or when your really driving. Only in the driveway basically. It’s a hateful clutch for drivability, no doubt.
  3. Boosted 350's come on in!

    Seems low but then again you’re pushing only 6 psi. A lot of it is the tune and how hot the timing is set for your fuel setup. for comparison, I make 803rwhp with 10ish psi. tuned for 93 + octane booster. If I remember correctly you’re going to get 30ish hp for every psi.
  4. Anderson Composites GT500 Hood for GT350

    Thanks I’m very happy with it. It was less than 20lbs. Didn’t weigh the original.
  5. Anderson Composites GT500 Hood for GT350

    I have this one one. There is plenty of clearance.
  6. Anderson Composites GT500 Hood for GT350

    I'm a big fan of AC. Top quality on the hood I just got from them. I'll be interested to see what they do.
  7. Boosted 350's come on in!

    I run VP octanium booster. I used the leaded stuff until they made a lead free version. It works great.
  8. Boosted 350's come on in!

    No cats. Kook’s custom system and no CEL ever. That’s prob due to tuning more than exhaust tho.
  9. Post a picture from recent drive

    We had an awesome time!
  10. Aluminum/Carbon Fiber Driveshaft

    and an a little red "R" badge next to the GT350...
  11. Aluminum/Carbon Fiber Driveshaft

    I dont think you’ll regret it. Very nice upgrade.
  12. Aluminum/Carbon Fiber Driveshaft

    found in my email. I ordered from CJPP which drop shipped from QA1 2015-2018 GT350/R QA1 REV SERIES 3.3" SFI APPROVED CARBON FIBER 1-PC DRIVESHAFT Part #: DS48
  13. Need help!! Mantic clutch issue.

    well its not as low as I thought once I started looking. I also checked as best I could the overstocking condition by not pressing the pedal all he way down and it seemed to make a big difference. I went ahead and ordered the adjustable pedal stop from Mantic. I'll install it and see how it goes.
  14. Need help!! Mantic clutch issue.

    yea im right on the floor I think but will measure tonight.
  15. Aluminum/Carbon Fiber Driveshaft

    I'm pretty sure mine was quite a bit heavier than that. 40lbs or better. I'll weigh it again and see.
  16. Need help!! Mantic clutch issue.

    Just heard from mantic this: We’ve had a couple instances of where the car will actually over stroke the clutch a little bit…just enough to where the fingers of the clutch hit the springs in the top disc. That drag will cause it not to go into gear as well as not downshift well. apparently...
  17. Aluminum/Carbon Fiber Driveshaft

    QA1 for 2+ years of banging gears at around 1/3 the weight of OEM. no issues at all and still looks beautiful.
  18. Need help!! Mantic clutch issue.

    also interested to see what the outcome is. I'm having the similar "stuck" in gear issues with my mantic...
  19. Took me 4 years but finally got my dream GT350R and WOW!

    You chose, correctly. Welcome to club:clap: