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  1. No-Stripe GT500s - Post Your Pics

    How about a really wide 1/2 stripe?
  2. This car over delivers, in every way imaginable - *8 sec 1/4 mile

    That 60' is hardcore.. sounds like the dct can be tuned up nice! Congrats
  3. Cracks in Hood Support

    No cracks on mine from what i see. 2100mi
  4. 2021 GT500 Order Banks Now Open! List Your Order

    Pretty sure order number means nothing
  5. 2020 Shelby GT500

    Sounds like this Shelby needs to be picked up and driven like a Shelby and wait and see how things turn out after a few more miles logged on it :-)
  6. 2020 Shelby GT500 Mustang Owners Kit

    Still havent seen mine from Oct!
  7. First 2021 GT500 Info Leaks

    Own a gt500 and eligible for stimulus?!? Crikey
  8. Trying a new look for the girl

    Nothing on the hood. I like the vent contrast with white. Thanks for the feedback guys
  9. Trying a new look for the girl

    I am, yes it will clean up the look since the wing will cover alot of that edge. It looks better in person than in that pic for some reason.
  10. Trying a new look for the girl

    Its vinyl .... for now
  11. Trying a new look for the girl

    Been wanting to do this since i first saw a black painted roof mustang. Trailing edge will mostly be covered by the wing mount area. Might also consider running stripe all the way down and under in back. I kinda like the wing delete. Once i figure out what i like most i will get a base...
  12. Who Built Your 2020 GT500 Engine? *UPDATED*

    Andres the 5.2 magician! ~2k miles and kicking a$$
  13. 2021 GT500: Manual Trans Option?

    Having driven mine as my 1st DCT car, I can see where a manual would in certain cases be more fun on the street. But if fast laps are wanted.. you know the answer
  14. 2020 Rapid Red GT500 at dealer in NJ

    Pricey area. Hope the tires get flat spots at that adm :) Yes i am an adm hater
  15. New 6 mo old at dealer w/15k ADM

    Depends on your plans. If you plan to keep it more than 3yrs then get the 20. If u plan to try and sell it in 6mo then wait for 21 During these crazy times a bird in the hand holds some merit too
  16. 2nd Blown Modified GT500? This time it's Stangmode with Hulk!

    Hes getting a Supercar now!?! This guy lives in a hovel for sh1ts sake. That poor family having to deal with the antics
  17. 2nd Blown Modified GT500? This time it's Stangmode with Hulk!

    Like a true toober: "Grab a raptor raffle, grab a hoodie, grab a hat, im gonna need help"
  18. Loose side splitter?

    Crap any pics of the work? Scary
  19. 1st Blown Modified Engine?

    Why did the owner of the car post a video saying it wasnt his car.... then now i see it was?? Edit, the video in this thread was before he blew it up on the street i guess