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  1. which front brake pads?

    GT with Performance package has the 6 piston Bembo brakes in the front. The non-PP has the 4 piston brake calipers in the front. Both use the same rear pads
  2. The whipple wait

    That's my beef with the Whipple wait. It is a great product and a great value but there was no notice when I bought mine on BF that there was going to be a wait and they took 100% of the payment right away 15 weeks before shipping. It would have been much better if they were upfront with the...
  3. Ohm range of PP oil pressure gauge

    I opted not to do that since is a calculated value and not based on the actual pressure at the supercharger. I know that some have reported it was accurate but in the end it is a calculation that might not reflect reality.
  4. Ohm range of PP oil pressure gauge

    Does anyone know what the Ohm range is for the oil pressure gauge? Long story short- I am replacing my center PP gauges with a boost gauge and so now I need to put a different oil pressure gauge in. I am hoping I can just use the stock wires and not have to install a different sender and run...
  5. The whipple wait

    Just curious- How many of you that bought on Black Friday are still waiting?
  6. I must be doing something wrong?

    27 mpg? looks like you are being too gentle with the pedal on the right ;)
  7. 2017 GT Gen5 Whipple stage 2 dyno...holy smokes!!

    so did you guys just turn off TC or put it in track mode? I know that there is different throttle mapping for normal, snow, sport, and track mode but I wonder what the Whipple tune does to that throttle mapping? It has been raining the past few days here so I will wait for the roads to dry...
  8. 2017 GT Gen5 Whipple stage 2 dyno...holy smokes!!

    I will give that a try tomorrow.
  9. 2017 GT Gen5 Whipple stage 2 dyno...holy smokes!!

    Looks great! Did you do the Whipple tune or something else? I installed my Gen 5 Stage 2 a few weeks ago and I got to be honest- Ya there's more power but I was expecting more. I am not chasing HP numbers here but my butt dyno says that my colleague's 2015 Camaro with a Calloway package at 652...
  10. GT GLOC R12 Front R10 Rear (GTPP)

    I know that this is 8 months old but are these still available?
  11. P0019 code ??? Whipple/OPG install

    As long As long as the colored links line up to the marks on the crank sprocket and the cam sprocket then you are ok. 5 o'clock position is just a generalization. OP- After you put the left hand chain back on did you turn the crank basically one full revolution and then keep going until the...
  12. P0019 code ??? Whipple/OPG install

    Ah disregard my comment then. I thought that you meant the pulley spun freely on the crankshaft.
  13. P0019 code ??? Whipple/OPG install

    It sounds like your key might be missing from your crankshaft. If that is the case then your timing will be wonky because your timing gear uses the same key as your pulley. I definitely would not turn the engine at all until you can verify if the key is in there. Your pistons could hit an...
  14. NACA brake cooling duct project

    Sorry to get off topic here but can you tell me about that tube with the strap on it? Is that replacing your front crash bar?
  15. Whipple Tomahawk

    Do you have gear 1-3 set at -25%?
  16. Whipple Tomahawk

    So has anyone used any of the other functions of the tomahawk other than the crank relearn and tire size calibration? I was scrolling through the menu and saw guardian, performance, and torque by gear. There's not much info on it.
  17. Whipple Gen 5 install on a '15-'17 write up

    Hey guys- I just installed my Gen5 Stage 2 Whipple on my ‘17. Mantis did his ‘15 several weeks ago. We both found the instructions from Whipple to be lacking in specifics even if their intentions were good. I reached out to Mantis and he gave me several tips and I came up with some additional...
  18. 68 Mustang Coupe Restomod Info Help

    So you asked a ton of questions but just to address one- I have a 67 restomod that I converted from a 3 speed auto to a 5 speed T-5. At the time there was no one that offered an after-market clutch assembly. I had to buy one off of ebay from a junk car. Other than that checkout...
  19. MMR OPG's

    That is fine to share. The other thing to consider is that there are relocation kits where you can put the filter somewhere in the engine bay and then you can use a standard filter with the gasket down and the bypass now at the top of the filter. Most filters have an anti-drain back valve that...
  20. MMR OPG's

    This is correct. I worked as an engineer/Ops director for an oil filter company for several years. Bypasses are intended to open when the filter is clogged up and there is a pressure differential on both sides of the filter because it is better to get dirty oil than no oil. However, the...