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  1. 2019 GT350 Engine Failure @ 2170 miles

    Yes, Ford ESP warranties are valid at all Ford and Lincoln dealerships within Canada, US, and Mexico. Also via the Zeigler Ford website ESP FAQ section:
  2. Video of stock GT350 followed by mine with Kooks long tube headers

    Thanks for the heads up. I actually remember reading your comments on this setup in the other thread. Hearing is much better than reading about it though :like: My car is mostly a track toy, although I do drive it around town on random nice days. I would love to do this same setup, I think the...
  3. Video of stock GT350 followed by mine with Kooks long tube headers

    That sounds phenomenal! What X-pipe did you go with? I'd love to go with an identical setup but I'm to scared to void my warranty.
  4. Replaced Voodoo Engine

    Thanks for sharing. Interesting, perhaps what you described is related to vacuum? At WOT your vacuum drops to nil, perhaps helping with oil consumption. Just cruising around town vacuum levels would be higher. Just a WAG. Either way congrats on the new engine. Next up 1k break-in miles. Did...
  5. Replaced Voodoo Engine

    Maybe I missed it but what led to the motor swap @NoXiDe?
  6. Recalibrate Magneride / ride height with aftermarket springs - required?

    I'm interested in this as well. Just bought springs, swaybars and endlinks and will be installing soon. I've read posts with opinions both ways. IMO if your car lives mostly on the street its probably not a big deal. But like you I would be interested to hear from someone who's made this...
  7. Adjustable Sway Bar Settings

    Perfect, this is just the kind of input I was looking for. From what I could piece together from other posts/forums most run soft up front. I've seen quite a variance for the rear - soft to hard. You're the first to detail the driving characteristics based on where you have it set - which...
  8. Adjustable Sway Bar Settings

    Hi All, I'm looking to get some feedback from those of you who are tracking your cars and have installed aftermarket adjustable sway bars. I just ordered a set of springs, sway bars and end links from BMR and I'm wondering what setting for the sway bars most of you are running. Have you found...
  9. Suspension Malfunction Error after Spring Install, Dealer fix only ?

    Ahh gotcha, thanks for the heads up. I just ordered BMR springs, sways bars and end links so I'm trying to do my research ahead of time regarding ride height recal and mag ride reset. Just wondering if that's necessary or best practice?
  10. Suspension Malfunction Error after Spring Install, Dealer fix only ?

    Sorry to re-revive an old thread but I'd love to know if OP figured out his issue. Pinched wire? Bad sensor?
  11. Finally got my GT350

    You chose wisely. Looks like we have the exact same spec. My car is chassis H0426. In 2017, Ford produced 64 GT350 (non R) grabber blue cars with stripe delete and that number gets even smaller when you factor in cars with/without the electronics package, painted black roofs, recaros. P.S...
  12. Anybody experienced a leaky Voodoo oil pan?

    If this is true, that timing is just amazingly coincidental. At least the dealer and Ford aren't giving you a hard time about replacement. I wonder if Ford has updated the oil pump design at some point? Or is the new long block your getting going to have the same version of pump with the hope...
  13. Anybody experienced a leaky Voodoo oil pan?

    Well that escalated quickly.... Sorry to hear about your car OP; that is just an unreal amount of negligence. Regardless of being in the powertrain warranty period or not, their insurance should be covering their crappy work. Although it is nice to have the warranty in place for peace of mind...
  14. Possible to extend the drivetrain warranty on a used 2016 GT350?

    Your best bet is to call Ford Protect directly to confirm but I don't believe you are eligible for a Ford ESP after 41 months from the warranty start date.
  15. Signature Wheels SV902

    Same here, looking for track wheels. If that can count towards this group buy, I'm interested.
  16. Texas ZL1 Lift Pads

    Someone just PM'd me yesterday about them and sale is pending. If something changes I will let you know.
  17. Did anything change between 2019 and 2020 for the GT350?

    I hate to derail from your initial question but I gotta ask - what wheels are those? Looks great
  18. Texas ZL1 Lift Pads