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  1. 'test pipes' ?

    Gotcha. Have you considered welding 2.5 pipes to your existing cat pipes and then mate up to your x or h-pipe?
  2. 'test pipes' ?

    You planning on going right off the factory headers with straight pipe WildHorse? Gonna be super loud! Any big gains expected from this mod?
  3. High Altiitude Tuning and Power-adder recommendations

    I found the following info on another site. It appears that nitrous would be your very best friend at those altitudes. Here, have a look. Ok, well I live at 5800 ft but normally air we race in is at 7500-8500 d/a and up. ive never seen a car at sea level pick up more et than it does up here...
  4. 2018 Royal Crimson F1A94 Procharged, TH400 Drag Project

    Right on brother! I’m excited for you! Can’t wait to hear all about it.
  5. Texas 2018 Twin Turbo 10r80

    You’re already dialed in brother, why are you starting over? GLWS, it’ll make someone a very happy new owner.
  6. 2018 Royal Crimson F1A94 Procharged, TH400 Drag Project

    @turnswrench, how much power is your car putting down? When do you expect to start making some hits in it?
  7. 2018 Royal Crimson F1A94 Procharged, TH400 Drag Project

    I like it! Time to skip the 8’s and go straight to running some 7’s.
  8. C8 Z06 spied at Milford Proving Grounds, a new flat plane crank has joined the chat

    I like the sound of that thing. Hopefully they have improved on it. Our 2016 Z06 was a rattle trap on the inside. We kept it for about a year and a half and got rid of it. TBH, for the cost of any car nowadays, they should be much tighter and refined. Make em fast and take the buyer’s cash is...
  9. passenger seat creaking

    Someone else had so ethical g similar happen on a 2015 with Recaro seats. Ended up being a broken seat mount or track. I believe he had to have it welded up.
  10. Go-Fast Modifications

    Do it! Make that mofo growl.
  11. Has it been proven or disproven whether the WOT Box is good for the MT82-D4?

    Thanks Beef. My car is a nitrous car making 639/602 to the tire and I was looking for that extra edge and margin of safety as well. I’m still on the fence about it, but if I decide to order one, I’ll give you a shout.
  12. Bullitt mods

    It’s not a bad install at all. Steeda provides very detailed instructions on the install. Go to their website, click on the kit and scroll down to the instructions and have a look at what it entails. I would say the level of difficulty is about a 2.5 out of a 5 beard install. If you do this mod...
  13. Installing New Speakers in B&O System

    Online Car Stereo is showing to have one in stock.
  14. Has it been proven or disproven whether the WOT Box is good for the MT82-D4?

    Can anyone running a WOT Box on their 18+ MT82-D4 confirm whether the no lift shift has proven to help the transmission last and be more reliable during high rpm shifts? I am considering this for the NLS feature only, as I have catted LTH and don’t want to destroy my cats. Speaking of cats, has...
  15. Synchros for the MT82-D4?

    Which gear did you break and how did it happen? Sounds like the 2019 GT still has inferior shift forks. Definitely a reason for me to be concerned.
  16. LUND RACING vs PBD Tunes?

    Great customer service is what it takes to be successful in a business. Failure to provide that will eventually affect the business in a negative way. I don’t know of anyone, who‘s gone into business with intentions of failing. Having said that, way too many businesses are stepping on their own...
  17. LUND RACING vs PBD Tunes?

    Save your tune until you do big mods like an intake manifold, and headers Because they’re expensive and you would want to get the most bang for your buck. Take a look at this video from Alex Flores (he’s a tuner at Lund Racing). He shows via video evidence, that his Coyote F150 picked up some...
  18. Deep Tone LTH and Exhaust Combo

    Not a whole lot more, maybe 2-4 hp. Here is my Bullitt with LTH, Steeda x-pipe and factory active exhaust at full swing, a switch between modes and a drive by, just to give you an idea of the sound.
  19. Installing New Speakers in B&O System

    @Matthewstorm, I’ll say this, as long as the end result sounds good to your ears, then you’ve achieved your goal. We all have different genres of music that we like, as well as varying levels in which we like to listen to our music. What sounds good to one person, may not necessarily sound good...
  20. Installing New Speakers in B&O System

    @Matthewstorm, m3incorp is right; if you can swing it, have a DSP installed. It‘ll give you more control over the sound than the supplied passive crossovers. You will never outgrow a DSP, as they will tailor the signal to be compatible with any speaker.