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  1. Has anyone ordered a Mach 1 yet

    I think May 3-7 is total shutdown. For previous 2 weeks and this coming week, it's mostly closed. Same with the week of the 10th. Hard to tell from the public press releases, but there seems to be a difference for the week of May 3rd compared to the other 4 weeks in this outage window.
  2. Big brake clearance

    Aren't the front brakes from the GT350? (6 piston Brembo). So yes, the HP wheels will fit.
  3. Mach 1 to Mach 1 HP. Parts/tune needed ?

    You can change the wheels without a Magneride update. Changing the springs / sway bars might affect the shock tuning a bit, but also keep in mind plenty of folks change to lowering springs/sport springs from places like Steeda without a Magneride update. Doesn't mean it's ideal. But...
  4. Mach 1 to Mach 1 HP. Parts/tune needed ?

    No tune difference on the ECU. As for as Magneride, "yes". I think. Other parts - Other thread on parts.
  5. Ordered cars

    Yes - public info on Ford shows Flat Rock closed for 3 weeks (1 week, then extended by 2 more). We're in week #2 of that. To the OP - while I don't want a slip in my date, in the grand scheme of things it won't matter. But I would prefer that it was here tomorrow.
  6. Gurney Flap

    Probably hard to quantify. Biggest impact would be at highway speed vs around town. It'll be less than one of those roof racks, but I wouldn't be surprised at 1-2 MPG on a highway trip.
  7. Mach 1 Dyno Day at Steeda..

    Maybe due to the intake manifold change on the Mach 1.
  8. Grille intakes, is this how?

    He found it on YouTube. And the two pieces look to be pretty different.
  9. Window Sticker

    1FA6P8R02M5553576 Mach 1 HP on order. Thanks!
  10. Has anyone ordered a Mach 1 yet

    4/6 order, production date 7/5 (not sure how the news of 2 more weeks of Flat Rock outages will affect that date).
  11. '21MY Mach 1s are starting to arrive at dealers

    I'm seeing lists here of part numbers, but nothing that seems totally complete. Springs, sway bars, wheels, SC2 tires, Magneride programming/tuning, splitter, swing/flap, adjustable front strut top mounts, front wheel lips.
  12. RACING NUMBERS: Your pics? Request for dimensions/source for magnetic racing numbers

    I had good luck with SoloPerformance - run by autocrossers.
  13. It's been a decade but I have a Mustang again

    Looks like a great car! And it appears there will be quite a few in the Pittsburgh area (Mach 1 HP cars). Make sure to take the 3 bolts out of the strut top before you get it on a rack so the camber plates move. I think the strut needs dropped for that.
  14. Has anyone ordered a Mach 1 yet

    Ordered mine yesterday - FJG HP, pretty loaded minus Nav and Rear Seat Delete options.
  15. Is it really necessary to change your motor oil after winter storage when the car was never started and the oil was changed prior to storage?

    I'd challenge this one a bit. Regular oil is "old". Many many dinosaur years. The water point is valid, but as noted, running the car at full temp for a bit will get rid of any water.
  16. Predict the Auction Price, '19 Bullitt on Mecum 4/10

    Agreed - should go less than the $53k sticker, even more so with auction fees. $47k?
  17. Ford Build and Price has been updated

    I have a similar experience. $3500 is added, but I don't see $3500 on the summary page. Seems like it's not quite polished.
  18. what will you do with the Tribute Front Grill Fog light holes?

    I don’t have a Mustang (yet ... I’m planning on ordering a Mach1 + HP in January), so not sure of the possibilities here. -Lights? - Is there a use to the air (Either ducted or free flowing) for cooling or air intake? -Rick
  19. Introduce yourself!!

    Hello, New to the forum, and totally new to the Mustang world. My dad had a 71-72 when I was younger and he was always a "Mustang guy". I've owned a bunch of different cars and got sucked into the world of SCCA Solo & hillclimbing years ago. Various Hondas (CRX, Civics), Toyota MR2, BMWs...