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  1. Waving and Mustangs?

    Don't start the Jeep wave thing! I had a jeep for a while and it is stupid. You feel obligated to wave when they wave to not be a prick. Even when it a normal stock basic new Jeep. I say a thumbs up to something you like is good. I did this with other classic cars while driving my Barracuda when...

    You are completely correct! :headbonk: I haven't had to worry about this in the past. Anyway my new replacement wheels arrived today (20x10 graphite). I plan to clean up the ones I messed up and fit with NT05R's. Anybody know if these will fit on the rear of my 2015 GT (315/35/20) with my...

    YES they definitely are! I just ordered two new wheels today because I pulled up to my credit union ATM and curbed it BAD! Both front rims were banged up from previous encounters at a toll both and then the passenger side at a drive through car wash. I will not chance any more curb encounters...
  4. Pic Request - 275/35R20 tires on 20x10's

    my 275/35/20's on SVE GT350 style +40 square set up. Pro kit springs
  5. 27 MPG in my GT tonight on the NYS Thruway

    picture isn't great but traveled across Michigan on back highways a couple weeks ago doing a lighthouse tour. Averaged between 30 and 31 mpg cruise set at 63 on 55mph highways. GT manual with 3.31 gears.
  6. SVE GT350 wheel and tire sets from LMR

    I got the Otshu tires figuring I would wear them out then get something else. The tires work great in dry and wet. My problem is that the tires do not protect the rims at all. I have tried to be careful overall but the edge of my front rims are scraped in 3 places. I found some Toyota dark gray...
  7. Need to get my lowering springs installed - UPDATE Installed W/Pics

    I also approached my Ford dealer and they said about a grand to install the Ford springs. I also asked about a cat back system and they said the system replaces the rear valance and would be about $3000 installed. I knew there were other options but I think they were also just trying to price...

    They are darker than I expected but I am not disappointed. There is just enough contrast with a black car. True gloss black on gloss black washes out for me.

    Eibach Sportlines on their way. Thanks

    Here are a couple cell pictures.
  11. Dent/Indentation on Flat Spot Above Rear Fender(s)

    Hmmm. I have that identical ding on the tops of my quarter panels on both sides of my car. I assumed it was something that might have happened at the car wash so I stopped bringing it there. This is definitely interesting as I had no real idea how I got the identical dent on both sides of my car...
  12. Post Pix of your S550 with aftermarket wheels and tires

    They are darker than I expected but I am not disappointed. I wasn't sure if I wanted black or graphite. I am glad I chose the graphite.
  13. Post Pix of your S550 with aftermarket wheels and tires

    20X10 square +40 SVE GT350 Style Gloss Graphite 275/35/20 tires Stock springs

    Mounted them up today. I really like them. Now I am not as sure as I was that I need to lower it. I think it looks pretty good. Now it needs a more aggressive exhaust system to match its attitude adjustment. I think graphite or magnetic stripes with a red pinstripe would look good with the gloss...

    Mine arrived late afternoon. They will be on tomorrow and some pictures will follow.
  16. Ford Dealer install pricing (springs and exhaust)

    Thanks. Not a lot of choices here but for the amount they wanted to charge in labor I can almost buy my own lift. I will look around town though. My other problem is time being 60 hours/week is normal and I have a family. Not complaining about working on this as I love working on all my cars. I...
  17. Ford Dealer install pricing (springs and exhaust)

    I asked my dealer to quote installing Ford Racing 1" street lowering springs. They called my cell today and said "You're looking at about a grand". I had also inquired on a cat back exhaust system "We have a system that replaces your rear valence. About 3 grand installed" I said thank you...
  18. Insurance Quote

    I am in an unfriendly no fault state for insurance. I don't have a perfect driving record but at least I am 43 with a family. I expect I pay more for insurance than most do for their car but not far off the OP's quote for one Mustang. I pay ~$7000 a year for 9 cars. 2015 Mustang GT Prem. 2015...

    Ordered my gloss graphites last night with Ohtsu 8000 with Mustang 6G code that saved my about $100. For just over $1500 I think this a great deal. This is going on a stock suspension black GT premium. I figured for about $500 to $600 for the tires I can play with them for a bit then get...
  20. Garaged it =(

    I am a couple hours north of you. I drove mine on the stock all seasons last winter using my 4x4 truck on bad days. It was no problem but I only live 8 miles from work. Most of the time the roads are pretty clear around here so no big deal. I suggest you drive it and watch the weather forecast...