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  1. Guess adding MAK race pipes to my Borla S-Type & X pipe setup was a bad idea!

    Our cars have a tendency to melt catalytic converters, particularly if we are supercharged. My passenger cat lasted less than 2k miles once I got my blower installed. I could either continue to invest in cats or just be done with them all together, I chose the latter.
  2. Which mod should i go with first

    If things weren't the way they are now, I would have recommended a good tune. It really woke the car up for me and made it perform like it should. Night and day difference. And then if you got it tuned for E85........
  3. Stainless Power Headers and Borla Cat Back

    Looking to buy some catless headers, preferably Stainless Power and was curious if it is the performance connect I need in order to connect to my Borla ATAK cat back. Anyone have any input? As always, appreciate it. David
  4. Best Performance Motor Build Shops

    I encountered the same issue so I just went to the shop. Great guys.
  5. SC for Daily Driven '19 A10: Whipple or Vortech ?

    Gotcha. Thanks for the clarification.
  6. SC for Daily Driven '19 A10: Whipple or Vortech ?

    Curious to know what everyone's definition of "take too long to build boost" means. I have a Vortech 19 GT and if my rpm is >4500 I don't feel as if the car takes overly long to build boost. It isn't a punch in the gut like a twinscrew from low rpm but I feel as if it is rather quick.
  7. Looking to trade my 2018 Dodge Charger scatpack for 2020 mustang gt

    I have an A10 and totally agree with you. I do miss rowing gears, not that I am dissatisfied with my purchase mind you but yes, I do miss the manual.
  8. Does anyone have a 2019 or 2020 Saleen?

    Didn't Steve Saleen get ripped off by the Chinese government last year in a botched business deal?
  9. Gauge Screen/Vitals Screen

    You can still use an nGauge without having a tune, it will show all the diagnostics.
  10. Is it worth the extra money for 2 inch headers?

    Appreciate the responses. It definitely falls in line with what I have already researched but it never hurts to make sure. Thanks again, David
  11. Is it worth the extra money for 2 inch headers?

    I have a bad cat on my passenger side and it is time to get a set of cat-less headers. Now then, while I am a big believer in "you get what you pay for" I was just wondering if it is worth it to pay $1300 for Stainless Works 2" LTs when I can pay half that for Stainless Power 1 7/8" LTs. I...
  12. Any suppliers ACTUALLY having a Black Friday sale on Prochargers?

    Hope you find a deal. This is what I am running, you won't be disappointed.
  13. nGUAGE Lund Racing issue when datalogging

    Only difference between the two is when you are flashing a tune, the car is sitting still, when you are logging, it isn't. Perhaps there is just enough vibration when driving that it is interrupting the connection between the cable and port. Because you are correct that if the nGauge can flash...
  14. nGUAGE Lund Racing issue when datalogging

    Any issues when connecting to the OBD port? If not, just sounds like a cable issue.
  15. nGUAGE Lund Racing issue when datalogging

    Could be the port. I assume the car is used. Did the previous owner have it tuned?
  16. Throttle Body Whistle?

    Any known resolution?
  17. Throttle Body Whistle?

    You have no idea. Annoying to the point where I don't want to drive the car.
  18. Throttle Body Whistle?

    As requested. You can hear the whistle starting around the 12 second mark.
  19. Throttle Body Whistle?

    I'll get one today. Thanks all.