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  1. 15 FP/Roush supercharger Help

    Oh good. I am glad you got it sorted out. crank should relearn itself now. Have fun!
  2. 15 FP/Roush supercharger Help

    Nah... i looked at the 15-17 mustang instructions. on the f150 it is attached to the blower. on the mustang it is just zip tied away... like i said probably just for under hood temp readings. i really think you need to remove your extension harness and check that there is continuity throughout...
  3. 15 FP/Roush supercharger Help

    Its a tmap sensor they use on f150s. It measures boost pressure and temperature. Not sure why roush has you connect to passenger imrc and zip tie away. Weird. Maybe just for under hood temps. Did you make sure to reconnect your harness ground?? Also, double check the repining of your stock...
  4. Arizona WTB VMP boost a pump

    (2) New York - Vmp BAP | 2015+ S550 Mustang Forum (GT, EcoBoost, GT350, GT500, Bullitt, Mach 1) - also.... there are a couple vortech pnp for sale as well. pretty much same thing. 17v constant for vmp. 18v constant vortech. GL
  5. 15 FP/Roush supercharger Help

    First off...pretty sure roush uses an extension harness for the tps sensor. remove and do an audible ohm meter test on each wire for continuity (could have been pinched) and makes sure its plugged in correctly. Secondly... once tps is solved do a crank relearn. all you have to do is rev to...
  6. On3 s550 Single

    Sounds about right
  7. On3 s550 Single

    Nah that one was too far gone. They swapped it out. I have a mill but that one after milling would have left no more flange.
  8. On3 s550 Single

    Mine were warped by more than a 1/4 inch... the replacement was even warped.
  9. Fossil Fuels are Not the Enemy

    Thanks for the history lesson. But... that theory was more realistic a 100 years ago and there's this little thing called inflation.
  10. Fossil Fuels are Not the Enemy

    Ira, "Come on maaaan." This thread incites political bias. I don't do Fakebook or Twatter.
  11. Fossil Fuels are Not the Enemy

    You're probably one of the sheep that thinks a $15 minimum wage is a good idea too.
  12. Texas 15-17 Roush Phase 1 Supercharger kit

    I must say... you have quite the patience before you decide to bump
  13. 15 Whipple oil question

    This is the same oil i went with with. Great oil and only $25 for 5gal at wally world
  14. Oklahoma FS: Complete Stage II Procharger Kit $5,500

    i am willing to bet they’re used and dirty.
  15. Whose made 700+whp on pump?

    15-17 do allow for more boost only because they have 11.0:1 compression ratio vs. the 12.0:1 on 18+
  16. Whose made 700+whp on pump?

    ive been running methanol for 15 years and never had a pump fail. My guess is garbage pump or garbage install. There are also failsafe devices. You turned it into swiss cheese not the meth.
  17. 17 GT Manual PP...How would you mod it with $5k?

    if your not doing the work your not going far with 5k. if your doing the work you can do quite a bit with 5k. Id bolt in a paxton or vortech centri and send it.
  18. President Trump has an easy win in 2020

    That twit is from Jersey. He is full of sh** he voted for Hillary.