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  1. I did a thing.

    How is the LED strip attached?
  2. Soft Glow Pony Emblem Surround

    What brand, where, how?
  3. 2016 GT PART OUT

    Interested in WeatherTechs, only had a couple min to browse. PM me back if you still want to sell the trunk mat.
  4. Weathertech floor liners (front and trunk)

    Interested in Trunk liner only. Would be willing to also buy rears but not particularly interested. LMK if this is something you'd like to get the ball going on! Shipping to Tuscaloosa AL
  5. 2018 Bumper to 2016

    I definitely said the same thing. I don't like the slope of the front end and the new headlight design, but the lower portion of the fascia is much more aggressive and I'm definitely one to play devil's advocate. If I had the resources to produce a fascia of my own I would, I can definitely...
  6. 2018 Bumper to 2016

    So I really have been digging the newer front end of the 18+ models and I'm just curious how long it will take the aftermarket to bring something similar to the 15-17 models. I'm talking specifically about how the lower fascia and "wings" around the foglight area are designed. The 15-17 bumpers...
  7. Keeping 5G Buckets Warm During Cold Months

    So Winter is going to hit soon, and while the temperature won't hit below freezing (because washing your car during freezing weather is both stupid and dangerous) washing a car in 45F weather isn't fun when you're dipping your hands in cold water. Anyone know of a way to keep the buckets warm...
  8. Vinyl wrap exhaust?

    see thats what I was thinking, because surely the brakes get much hotter than the exhaust tips would. I will more than likely just eat the $200 as the shops around me have all said they can paint them but their paint isnt intended for high heat areas. I looked into having a shop paint my...
  9. Vinyl wrap exhaust?

    So the exhaust I want has black tips for nearly $200 more than the silver tips. Anyone ever vinyl wrapped their exhaust tips or have any words of wisdom, curious how this would workout.
  10. Engine Bay Mods

    How much does a tuck job like that cost?
  11. Custom Center Console Coasters

    Just a thought but doing resin casts may take more time but would ultimately cost less, and you could 3d print the necessary designs. like the work though.
  12. Cervini c-series grille

    bump. Am also interested.
  13. Is this g2 kit all I need to buy to paint the calipers?

    I took the brakes off, removed the cap and pins, pads, brake cleaned the entire surface, sanded down the face, brake cleaned again, took to a body shop that told me they could spray it all on for me then went back on their word after they hit it with a scuff pad and then cleaned it themselves...
  14. Is this g2 kit all I need to buy to paint the calipers?

    No, I applied quite a bit of the kit to the face of the brake and it began to sag in multiple places creating a water ripple effect. Not incredibly noticable but I like the factory smooth look. I'm considering just taking it to a body shop and having them smooth it out for me.
  15. Vinyl Wrap Closest to Ruby Red

    Well my car is Magnetic, but I have RR accents on the exterior and engine bay I’m adding. I bought this color and satin red chrome to see which looks better to me. I plan to use this wrap for the dash only or maybe the chrome parts. I’ll post a picture when I finally get around to doing it...
  16. Vinyl Wrap Closest to Ruby Red

    I clicked on the example but it didn't pull up. I googled it and its more of a sunburnt orange IMO but I do like that color. If I had an orange mustang I would definitely be using that
  17. Vinyl Wrap Closest to Ruby Red

    I'm looking to do some wrapping but only recently decided I want it done in RR. Does anyone know of a Vivvid, 3m, or Avery vinyl color that matches this? Runners up are Satin Chrome Red and Chrome Red
  18. Cervini C-Series Grille Questions

    I love the angle the blades take better than the RTR but I really dig the DRLs the RTR can have equipped... is Cervini exploring DRLs similar to this? Also, has anyone added a mesh behind the grille? I hate seeing an exposed radiator... also keeps birds out as my previous car ate more than a...
  19. Is this g2 kit all I need to buy to paint the calipers?

    how would one go about sanding this epoxy paint down? I've never dealt with it
  20. Beith Performance - Full Carbon Steering Wheel - Cool Colors!

    Also, blackfriday/cybermonday deals possible?