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  1. My collision..

    I don't know where they came from, several cars stopped..they tried to steal from me but they did not get anything. I was pushed into the next lane where I hit a Ford Explorer. The driver of that vehicle was able to provide information as she was coming to a stop when I struck her..I was able to...
  2. My collision..

    I opened the door because I saw fluid on the ground thinking it was gasoline. When I saw that it appeared to be radiator fluid from his car I turned my attention to talking to the 911 operator that the car dialed up. That's when company approached.
  3. My collision..

    One thing I haven't pointed out is despite being hit so hard from behind I suffered no effects from whiplash. I follow the guidelines of correct positioning of the head rest in all our cars and that was my first concern after the impact. Seat and head rest design were a huge factor for me here.
  4. My collision..

    I was on the freeway, it was stopped...
  5. My collision..

    What the easy fix? ..I'm not finding the solution...I can see the pictures..thanks.
  6. My collision..

    Yesterday just before 3:00 a.m. I was driving through Riverside California alone and road crew was closing some lanes so I moved to the fast lane and stopped with traffic. While stopped a mid 90's Camry plowed into me at 65 mph without even braking. My car was lifted and thrown into the the next...
  7. Mustang EcoBoost for commute, need advice

    Not an issue at all. Driving near Palm Springs all the time. I am getting 27.4 combined driving out of her...
  8. Review: My RHD 2015 Mustang Ecoboost

    Glad you enjoy your Ecoboost as much as I do. I have the same car with the dark saddle...going on a year with mine and I find it to be a brilliant car...Enjoy!
  9. What cars constantly try to race you?

    Chevy 1500 work truck.I wasn't racing him but his strategy was wandering in my lane...when that didn't work he pretended to get on the phone....
  10. New Mustang Owner! Boosted w/PP

  11. What cars did you cross-shop before deciding on the Mustang?

    Walked into the dealership on 7/11/14. Placed my order with no intention of getting anything else because that's the only car my wife would let me consider....yes dear..
  12. New 2016 Ruby Red 6M GT from Bay Area

    Outstanding color....well worth the hunt.
  13. Special ordered a 2016 Ecoboost Premium/Manual today

    Nice choice! I really enjoy my Ecoboost...I went manual as well.
  14. For you ecoboost lovers - Shelby GT EcoBoost

    Shelby needs to pull this...too many people are laughing and it's cred is flying out the window...this is laughable..I would never pay for these mods for that price on my Ecoboost.
  15. Breaking necks/compliments

    I was getting bags out of my trunk for the super market and I hear, "what year is that?" I turned around to see an old timer and his 30 something son. I told them is was a 15 and the son tells me he is not a Ford guy at all but that I had one of the best looking cars he's seen in years....We...
  16. Schooled a Camaro Today - 2nd Gear Fun

    Magnetic is a pretty wicked color..
  17. Anyone that owns a mustang & has a Girlfiend/wife has been in this situation

    My wife knows my obsession with cars and the last 2 she insisted on me getting a Mustang but I had to do the sensible thing and bought sedans. This last time she cornered me and pointed out that we always take her Volvo when we went with the kids. She practically push me into the dealer ship. So...
  18. How good was your dealer delivery prep?

    Not cool at all... I would be pissed..
  19. Finally picked up my EU Mustang GT

    Sweet ride Brother!
  20. Mileage per month

    Took delivery November 21rst...4100 to date...