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  1. Roush Axle Backs - Too loud with Vert?

    Steeda H pipe got me just the sound I was looking for. Think you will love it.
  2. Hood corrosion

    You're scaring me! Mine has been gone for 9 days now and my fingers and toes are crossed...keep us posted.
  3. Hood corrosion

    Maybe I just got lucky but the first dealer (who wasn't even the selling dealer) that I stopped at checked my hood out, took some pictures, and had Ford's approval to replace the hood in just a few days. It goes in on the 20th and hopefully comes back with a perfect paint match!
  4. Died on the HWY

    Mine just died out on the interstate a couple weeks ago. Started back up and hasn't done it since. Nothing lit up on the dash and all the gauges were normal. I've driven 500 miles or so since with no more problems.
  5. Hood corrosion

    Just discovered the hood corrosion issue on my 2015. Since it's a known issue going back ten years it just seems wrong to keep going with the touch it up if they complain strategy. This is my 4th Mustang to do this! Kind of makes you fall out of love with your car a bit.
  6. Discount code?

    It's cruising season in Ohio. Looking to install an H pipe and the carbon fiber CDC light bar on my 2015 convertible. Perhaps you can help me with a magic code? Thanks!
  7. Hood corrosion

    Come on Ford. I can't believe that 10 years later we still have the same hood paint issue that I had on the '05 vert, '07 Shelby, and 2011. The worst part is that yes it can be fixed under warranty but that this is a temporary fix only and it will eventually return.
  8. Seeking GT350 or allocation @ MSRP

    When I last spoke to my sales guy Downtown Ford in Canton Oh had an allocation unspoken for at msrp. Talk to Scott H
  9. Convertible as a daily driver?

    And the heated and cooled seats do a lot to extend your convertible driving season for those who live in climatically challenged areas like the Midwest.
  10. May switch up to a GT

    I had a V6 as my daily for a few years and I recently got to take a nice drive in my buddy's ecoboost. The six was fun and the turbo was very impressive, especially without the weight in the front. But I will definitely be sticking with my 5.0!
  11. H-Pipe construction question

    Please give a review of the exhaust note. I am trying to choose an H
  12. Lund Racing Tuning Officially available.

    Thanks. Not looking for serious mods...maybe basic cai, tune, and a convertible exhaust that's just a bit more bad sounding. I will keep my eye on your site. Congrats on a your accomplishments at the track!
  13. Lund Racing Tuning Officially available.

    I'm wondering the same thing about upcoming sales.
  14. How many GT convertibles with appearance package

    Now that production is changing over to 2016 perhaps some production numbers will be released. Hopefully.
  15. Your favorite spray on detailer/wax

    I suppose no one else here has much use for Turtle Wax but I use a light spritz of the Ice almost every wash. Doesn't mess up the window moldings or flat stripes like many products
  16. Flat tire + incompetent dealership = frustration

    Oh my, they don't like you much there even after you tried to pay list price for the new tire. What a shame...places like that give the good dealer's a bad reputation. This is exactly what I worry about with having no spare. I'm on the third Mustang without one and worry about having my...
  17. Triple Yellow vs. Competition Orange

    Yellow Mustangs always have to park together at the major events. Competition Orange get to park with whoever we want to
  18. I brought her home today!

    Looks real nice. Think yours is the first black 50th Vert I have looked at
  19. How bad does a dark color really look if you don't wash it?

    Why buy one in a color that it will not look good when dirty? Ingot Silver and Oxford White can be your friend...
  20. Production Delays? (Anyone with inside info?)

    Okay, I have to ask since no one else do you exchange your Cobra for a Toyota Solara and be happy with your choice of vehicle? My recollection is that those were two door Camrys!