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  1. Hawaii 5.0 - P1X Ignot Silver Build

    Did some cosmetic work to clean up the engine bay while I’m grounded from the track. Sprayed my valve covers red. Also ordered my trans to be built by Ben Calimer. Stage 3 to withstand the RXT. Will hopefully be here by the end of next month. Can’t wait to get back on the track.
  2. Missouri (WTB) MT82

    Looking to buy an MT82. Third gear went out on me. Built or stock show me what you got. All gears must work. Preferably close to Missouri but willing to drive.
  3. ProCharger Stage II P1X Up and Running

    Hell yeah man. Glad everything’s working out great for you. Enjoy it!
  4. FI System with least Heat Soak Issues

    Definitely a centri would work best.
  5. Hawaii 5.0 - P1X Ignot Silver Build

    Ran a PB on the first pass. Terrible 60’ but 11.2 @134. Trap speed increased a solid 9 mph faster than last time. Either because of the new clutch or I turned off no lift shift. Second pass, I had in my mind I’ll give it more rpm on the launch and slip the clutch. Didn’t turn out like how I...
  6. Hawaii 5.0 - P1X Ignot Silver Build

    Update: Made a lot of changes recently. Big things were the Vikings shocks and the clutch. Prior to the clutch upgrade I went to the track and ran consistent 11.7s at 125-128s with a 2.3 60 barely launching it. Viking shocks were set at 6c5m9r. Difficult to dial settings with barely throttling...
  7. about to hit this p1x with my purse

    Didn’t realize you were on E. Has to be something creating false knock. Header bolts, exhaust clamps, loose manifold bolt or ect.
  8. about to hit this p1x with my purse

    Im on a 3.40 on the HO kit. Try putting some octane booster in and see if it goes away.
  9. about to hit this p1x with my purse

    I’ve been at 15-16lbs for almost a year. Occasional highway runs and some track visits. That’s about the limit that Lund advised me on.
  10. Procharger HO on a 2017GT

    Hell yeah! You’ll love it.
  11. Hawaii 5.0 - P1X Ignot Silver Build

    Thanks for the advice. Btw you don’t run a bumpstop?
  12. Hawaii 5.0 - P1X Ignot Silver Build

    Shocks came in today. Going to take advantage of the nice weather tomorrow and put them in! Super excited to get these dialed in. Any suggestion on settings? Street? Track?
  13. Hawaii 5.0 - P1X Ignot Silver Build

    Looking for some advice as far as suspension. Im moving away from the Sportlines and have the BMR drag springs at the house waiting for a nice day to install. Along with that im installing Vikings Warrior Triple Adjustable (SX) rear shocks (two lead time so still waiting for them to come in)...
  14. Procharger - Having to Adjust

    Your definitely on the right track. Don’t forget that when you go fast you also have to slow down.Gets alittle sketchy slowing down from 150 with worn pads or rotors.
  15. Opinions on Procharger P-1SC-1 Tuner Kit on a 19 6spd

    Literally explained it yourself. We were talking about mods that speed up the time between shifts so the rpms don’t drop enough equating to a big loss of boost. Nobody said anything about turbo lag. Something triggered you?
  16. Do you take cell phone pics constantly of your s550 ? Post them here !!!

    IPhone 12 Pro w/ alittle editing. Extremely happy with how this turned out!
  17. A couple questions about tuning my P1X.

    What pulley when you were on the 6rib? Tuned by Lund? How much did it cost to switch to the 8rib? Is there really a difference other than the belt configuration? I’m running a non-griptec 3.4 now with no belt slip so I’m not seeing much of a reason to switch to a 8 rib.