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  1. Custom headlight pics

    Awesome! Can't wait for more photos. Can you provide some details on the paint/primer you used? Also what temp and bake time was successful for you. I am following the other thread in the DIY section and can't wait to do this.
  2. Mach 1 S550 Mustang First Video

    A steed for every need.
  3. What to buy?

    Since your budget is 50k why don"t you find an auto 50th LE car? Then you get the seats, auto, and performance package.
  4. GT350 Ford Performance Quad Tip for GT

    My bad I did a quick search and didn't see it. Mods please delete thread!
  5. GT350 Ford Performance Quad Tip for GT

    Anyone see the new GT350 quad tip in the Ford Performance parts section? Looks to be a bolt on for the GT. Basically Ford Performance exhaust sport or touring with the GT350 lower valance. :headbang:
  6. Ford Denies Warranty Claim On Our Focus

    On our cars, (Mercedes-Benz) we have our normal warranty 4 yr/50k, but we also have an emissions warranty which covers emission failures only for 8yrs/80k. That includes purge valves and even the engine control module. I would ask Ford if they have an emissions warranty.
  7. Shelby top two slots in qualifying @ Motorsport park

    #158 with Cindric wins!!!
  8. Shelby top two slots in qualifying @ Motorsport park

    That was impressive! I think it would have been a 1-2 finish if maxwell didn't get wrecked!
  9. Shelby top two slots in qualifying @ Motorsport park

    Boss 302r just wrecked the #15
  10. M.I.A. Car....

    Looks like Mike Davidson Ford has what your looking for in stock. Maybe you should see if they would dealer trade it for you since there was a mistake.
  11. 50 Year Snap-On Tool Box

    My local Snap-On rep gave me his sales flyer and I thought I would share with you. I tried to order the small box at the bottom of the page but they weren't sending them out unless he ordered a big box. [/URL][/IMG]
  12. OFFICIAL college basketball thread (2014/15)

    Go Gators! Well not this year! UK can represent the SEC in the tournament! See you March 7th in Lexington. #GatorBait
  13. AdrianMAK's 2015 TY GT Build Thread

    Car looks great! Time to get rid of the prop rod!
  14. Mustang Moments Video Series from Ford!!

    During the FL/GA game yesterday on CBS they ran a 30 second 2015 mustang commercial. It was different clips from the above videos. I have it recorded and I will try and post it.
  15. absolutely incredible!

  16. Floridian reporting in: Tampa/St. Pete

    Mike Davidson Ford in Jacksonville just called and said they just unloaded a 2015 off the truck. Not sure yet which kind.
  17. What do you guys do and how much do you earn?

    Turn a lot of hours! Do a little roadside service too but most of my hours come from inside the shop.
  18. What do you guys do and how much do you earn?

    Mercedes-Benz technician. 90k last year 80k this year.
  19. Underside Photos from Mustang Alley

    Look up boss 302 underside. Ford displayed it on its side.
  20. Floridian reporting in: Tampa/St. Pete