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  1. Coolant hose T connector

    I’m not sure what hose you’re looking to replace. However, I recently had a leak on the passenger side heater hose where is connects to the tube that connects to the block / head. I tried to buy a new hose but Ford said there are ZERO in North America. All in back order with no timeframe to fill it.
  2. Had enough of aftermarket CAI & HIGH IAT's. So here's my fix.

    Likely got shut down for “selling” on the site without sponsoring it would be my guess but not really sure. Or maybe got tired of some of the flak he got about it.
  3. P1SC Startup Noise or Belt?

    I thought you changed all the idlers and it was fixed but then you said it was coming back. Did that subside finally? Glad it’s working! What are your thoughts now after a few months?
  4. LUND racing divorcing SCT tuners

    No. If you reload your stock tune you’re good to go. You just can’t overwrite the Lund tune if it’s loaded in the car. That’s my understanding anyways. So, hood on to the stock tune if ever needed.
  5. LUND racing divorcing SCT tuners

    As a Lund tune user, I can tell you my car runs amazing, smoother than stock and shifts exactly the way it should. As I am supercharged with a few different things there was certainly some data logging involved to fine tune the car from idle, street manners, daily driving and WOT. Where other...
  6. FM antenna?

    Here you go. Not the best lighting but should suffice. Radio antenna on the quarter panel and satellite antenna on the trunk.
  7. Totaled 2019 GT, get 2021 GT?

    Interesting. Consensus roasts this kid for totalling his car and wanting to buy a new one. Yet, in another thread a father buys his 15 year old a new mustang and all kinds of support in favor of the purchase. Crazy... I think insurance is going to be ridiculously expensive! You may want to get...
  8. FM antenna?

    On my convertible I have both the small antenna on the passenger side rear which is for my radio and also the satellite Antenna on the trunk lid. When i store the car in the winter I unscrew the small antenna (for the car cover) and the FM signal disappears.
  9. Need help with adding octane to my fuel.

    Did you call Gen7 fuel in Roseneath to see if they offer it? Their website says they do. Other than that the last e85 was just outside Guelph towards Cambridge but it closed 5+ years ago.
  10. Need help with adding octane to my fuel.

    Maybe some of the pros that do this often can chime in on changing out fuels. There is a kit I believe that hooks up to the fuel line - Driver’s side connection before the fuel rails that allows for emptying the tank. I’ve never had the pleasure of doing it, but it can be done. If you have the...
  11. Need help with adding octane to my fuel.

    Ok. Well try N54tuning. Free delivery for e85 barrels around the GTA. BMW shop but decent guys. 30 gallon drum delivered for $205 + tax delivered. Canadian funds. Really not a bad deal. Especially if you consider the cost of 94 octane right now. But, you’ll burn a ton more of e than 94. Have to...
  12. Need help with adding octane to my fuel.

    Ok. Me too. Where in Ontario are you?? There's quite A few shops around that sell e85 by the barrel. Shop around though! There’s a few that just want to send their kids through university with the mark ups. It’s not going to be cheap to run it as a daily!
  13. Need help with adding octane to my fuel.

    Where in Canada are you?
  14. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    Any whine to the blower or quiet? Hopefully get it dialled in quickly. many first thoughts?
  15. OEM Boost Gauge in GTPP

    The factory gauge looks almost spot on with the mechanical gauge. Of course, the mechanical ones look sweet!!
  16. Why you should upgrade your suspension before power

    One post wonder... just trying to build those “u” tube visits... I think I saw another post from the likely there same person (different screen name) trying to build more views there as well...
  17. Strategies to keep cats from melting

    Thank you for your knowledge and understanding of all this!! It really helps to have that base to help us understand what’s actually happening and figure ways to work around it. Much appreciated!
  18. I keep running through 02 sensors!! Why??

    Thats crazy. If the code location followed the sensor and harness you replaced, logically it would seem that is the issue. I would put in a known GOOD sensor and extension and see what comes up then. Know anyone nearby that can trade sensors for a try? Hate throwing money at it but it’s silly...
  19. Still NO foreign country deliveries yet ?

    Local dealer in Ontario has already delivered one - 2 weeks ago. I didn’t see it but a friend who’s the service advisor let me know.
  20. I keep running through 02 sensors!! Why??

    Ok. I’m trying to follow along but not sure I got it. The sensor you moved was before these pics of the codes above or after? Did the codes follow the sensor you moved or stayed in the same spot? If the code moved, I would look at that specific sensor and harness. If it stayed in the same...