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  1. Roush single adjustable coilovers

    I have roushs single adjustable coilovers on my 2015 mustang. When the rear end flexes going over bumps or speed bumps, things like that, the rear suspension creaks like if I was walking on a creaky wooden floor, any ideas how to quiet it up? Do I need to tighten anything or grease anything? Thanks
  2. Positive knock

    Nothing at all
  3. Positive knock

    My guess since is has to do with me turning
  4. Positive knock

    Rpm doesn’t really matter, but I’d say so, I can have it at cruise going 60-70 and it’ll do it. But going WOT in a straight line never sees positive knock.
  5. Positive knock

    WOT is fine, part throttle like just cruising is where I’m getting knock.
  6. Positive knock

    I did, they told me to check my steering shaft
  7. Positive knock

    Nope not yet
  8. Positive knock

    Got a 2015 Mustang with a roush 2.3 blower on in. Tuned by Lund. I’m having a problem with positive knock up to 8 degrees when normal driving and turning the steering wheel in the slightest. The knock hangs and slowly drops down to 0, or I can let off the throttle and it instantly drops. Not...
  9. DW 400 Fuel pump

    Not really, once the car has been off for about 30 seconds or so the start time is the same. But if I turn the car off and right back on, it takes maybe 2-3 seconds to crank.
  10. DW 400 Fuel pump

    So I took the old one, blew into the outlet hose and air flows through the pump, shouldn’t it be blocked by the check valve assuming it’s in there and working?
  11. DW 400 Fuel pump

    Those are the 2 I got as well.
  12. DW 400 Fuel pump

    Right there highlighted says integrated, So that’s interesting you didn’t see anything
  13. DW 400 Fuel pump

    Well I was disappointed on the first 2 lol
  14. DW 400 Fuel pump

    Hard to tell, this is the second pump in a week, hard to believe I’d get sent 2 pumps back to back that never got that check valve installed, but they are being sent Back to DW so they can check them over. Then again I bought these 2 from The 3rd is being sent to me...
  15. DW 400 Fuel pump

    Talked to DW yesterday, their new pumps have them, even says it on the paper work in the box.
  16. DW 400 Fuel pump

    Also the time varies, if the car is on an incline where the front end is higher, it starts a lot quicker. Doesn’t seem tune related to me.
  17. DW 400 Fuel pump

    It’s being tuned by Lund, I highly doubt they are to blame, they are very reputable
  18. DW 400 Fuel pump

    I did, they couldn’t find anything wrong