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  1. New Official Poll - Do you like the MY 2018

    To be honest, I hated it first, but the official photos made it better. But after digesting it, I wouldn't buy it. I didn't get an original S550 for various reasons, and I won't be getting this refreshed one. I didn't like the headlights on the original S550, but the new one is worse. Also the...
  2. Official: 2018 Ford Mustang Refresh Detailed! (Options/Features, Specs, Photos, Info)

    This is the picture that may sell me on the car.. I freaked out at the beginning when I saw it. I just have to see it in person.
  3. 2018 Mustang GT Revealed (Video)!!

    RIP S550. 2010-2020 is the lost generation of car designs in general.
  4. 2018 Mustang GT Revealed (Video)!!

    Wow... Butt ugly. I'm glad I never sold my 2007! I was holding out for a Mach1 or something. But now S550 is out of consideration. They totally made the front end look depressing. It doesn't look aggressive anymore. Ford's design team fell asleep at the wheel...
  5. Used 2015 GT + upgrades or new 2016 GT? Will newbie burn out the clutch on manual t ?

    I test drove a manual GT after not driving manual for 9 years, and I drove it just fine... I don't think you'll burn the clutch. It was easy to change gears.
  6. SGV/ SFV I wanna buy a 2016 GT

    Hey guys, I want to order a 2016 GT. I went into one dealer, and they won't give any discount other than that $500 Ford discount. The GT I want to order has an MSRP of ~42000. What should I expect to pay for this before taxes? I've read about people getting $4000-5000 off, in other threads here...
  7. Help Convince My Wife

    I agree with this. :thumbsup:
  8. I own a C7 but I'm thinking about switching to an S550

    Keep the Vette! Get a V6 051a 3.55 Stang for a DD.
  9. Rumor - Will Mach 1 follow the GT350 in 2018?

    Nice! I'd still drive that car today, over many other new cars available.
  10. Am I crazy? My dilemma...

    I would keep the Corvette. I'm in your age range too. I've driven some pretty nice cars in my 20s. Just drive the Vette and don't worry. Pretend it's a normal car and use it for day-to-day activities. That's how it should be. Not worrying it will get scratched, which is inevitable. Also, just...
  11. Ready to pull trigger...but first some questions??

    I'm 150lbs less and tall and I couldn't stand the recaros. I can't imagine taking a long drive with them. Go with the regular seats.
  12. Am I the only one?

    No, you're not. I'm in the same boat.
  13. Camaro Watch: Revealed Early

    Saw the new Camaro pics today, and I LOLed. Mustang wins, no contest. Awkward dimensions, even tinier windows, etc. It just doesn't look right. The new Camaro is not as good looking as the 5th gen Camaro. I gave myself 1 year to sit and wait and see if I still want the new Mustang. And I...
  14. Impressions on the S550 GT PP manual magnetic premium after 500 miles

    Great review. Care to post a video of the sound with your mods? :D
  15. I Think I Regret My Purchase....

    Come on, are you serious? V6 sounds better than Eco IMO. The V6 interior is quite nice. I wouldn't do the trade. Unless $ is no object for you, don't do it. Doesn't make sense. You seem like a person who doesn't keep cars too long. In that case, keep this car for 50k miles or 2-3 years, then...
  16. Premium plus GT owners..any regrets?

    Makes no sense to me, the Auto is slightly faster than the manual, it should be able to get a PP as well. I think they will inevitably offer PP on the Auto GT.
  17. Los Angeles area / SGV dealers

    Looking to order a 2016 GT in a few months. Anyone have good luck ordering from any dealers around here? I live in the San Gabriel Valley and I work in the San Fernando Valley, so any dealers in those areas are ok for me. I want a dealer/salesperson who would give me a good experience...
  18. Has the demand for 2015 model slowed down?

    That would mean you are getting the car for $37k, which is ~5500 off (according to FL tax + other possible fees). Just tell them you see people on forums getting over $5000-6000 off 40k+ GTs, which is true. I told this to a dealer over here and they were willing to get that low. Just gotta be...
  19. Dealer Trying to Renig on X-Plan

    2015 Mustangs are still getting marked up? That's strange, it has been out for a while already. It's not a limited edition or something. I've seen people here pay up to $5000-6000 less than MSRP (if the car is fully loaded). The dealers local to me are offering below Xplan, and I didn't even...
  20. Some stats about my road trip

    Listen, absolutely nothing will happen to your car if you go faster. Your car is made for much higher speeds. Don't drive it like a grandma. Just do it man. Go with the flow. But be safe.