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  1. Misaligned door/window trim

    Fwiw, it looks like the trim is bent away at the end Of the door. Almost like it has been rolled outwards. The rubber gap seems to differ. the door looks aligned. ? good luck
  2. Boot lid seam corrosion/rust help

    And buying a mustang is a automatic entry in the owners support group. One your first day on this support group you start like this : Hi . My name is .............. Its been 3 days since I last found rust, a misaligned panel, etc etc on my Mustang. You will find lots of like minded sufferers...
  3. Boot lid seam corrosion/rust help

    Seriously consider not blending. As it’s the boot you won’t notice a slight colour variation.
  4. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    Those psi figures are for the 18 up cars with higher compression correct ? id assume the earlier lower comp might run a touch more psi ?
  5. Help a new driver! Spirited driving, traction control & sliding for a noob driver

    Just to add to my above post. 40 years of mx taught me how to save a 2 wheel that’s got all twisted. A few years ago I started racing main circuit superbikes I was horribly slow at first, actually I was embarrassed. But I never fell.I saved hundreds of near misses. Eventually after 2 years my...
  6. Help a new driver! Spirited driving, traction control & sliding for a noob driver

    You’re right Norm. perhaps I worded a tad incorrect In my meaning of important. The OP said he lost traction and started a slide. This can happen to anyone driving rapidly. Some snow, water or diesel and your sideways. Being able to drift really teaches another dimension to loss of...
  7. Help a new driver! Spirited driving, traction control & sliding for a noob driver

    Lots of good advice for the OP given. Id like to add, auto cross etc teaches you control to get from A To B fast. If you want to be safe though, learning to drift is your best bet. Its all about traction management, taking it to the edge of a spin and bringing it back. Perhaps go do a drift...
  8. Comparing the GT with Porsche Cayman 718

    I have driven , just normal street driving a few 911. Good quality and OK. Really nothing special imho. I find a Ferrari or Lamborghini much much more entertaining to drive. Looks are subjective, but I can’t get it out of my head that the 911 is a beetle descendant. That’s just me. When you...
  9. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    Is there a reason to lock out the imrc ? It’s not something I’ve seen mentioned before .
  10. Rusting bodywork

    I have seen first hand what salt does to aircraft aluminium. It’s very corrosive.
  11. Rusting bodywork

    I used to watch the series wheeler dealers. What always astounded me about the UK cars is how corroded and grotty the undersides , wheels and engine bays are. I think you are spot on about the salt. Add to it the very wet climate for a large portion of the year and there is a prime recipe for...
  12. Steering wheel

    Alcantara is best cleaned with a damp microfibre. I don’t know the sonax stuff, but to be safe I clean gently with microfibre and water and it seems to keep looking new. I will go look up the sonax and see what it’s about.
  13. Rusting bodywork

    I have several friends colleagues etc in the US that won’t touch a mustang as it is perceived a cheap aluminium is a mofo for filiform corrosion. To properly treat aluminium it has to be surgically clean, alodined, primered with Real high end product and then painted. the aluminium per say...
  14. Rusting bodywork

    Impossible And unlikely. Demand allows them to not change anything as they continue selling like hot cakes .
  15. Rusting bodywork

    I guess the US is more accepting because the cars are priced much lower and hence a expectation of cheap, for lack of a better word. Outside the US we get charged dearly for the mustang and it’s made out to be this high end car. Which it isn’t. Truth be told, if we paid US prices we would kinda...
  16. Rusting bodywork

    I understand you’re pissed at Ford, but Doing what you’re gonna do won’t make Ford change the quality or lacking customer support. Youre just gonna stress yourself out. Just sayin. But hey, it would be fun watching people’s response. The service I get from BMW is about 500% better than Ford...
  17. Rusting bodywork

    As most of us aware, the mustang is a exceptionally cheap made car. It’s is however a real fun car. In the USA the price makes Up for the quality. Problem with the rest of the world is many of us pay exorbitant prices and expect same in quality. Dream on haha. I say make peace or move on. I made...
  18. Is this a Mustang dressed up as a Challenger, or a Challenger borrowed by a Mustang driver?

    i think the whole nanny situation you talk about hits it on the head. As a youngster I remember “stealing” my dads car and learning how to hang the back out. Stupid as it was, it was a basis for learning car control. Many youngsters of today really don’t have the advantage of learning to...
  19. 2015/2016 EU Mustang - Shaking at higher speeds

    Just a guess, but it could be a out of round tire or rim. several years ago I had same issue with a bmw. Had wheels balanced and still did it. Turned out 2 rims were out of true. Apparently a pothole or something must have caused it. I would start by having each wheel run on a balancer whilst...
  20. A can of worms.

    So whilst you 350 and Mach owners tear into each other, think of us lowly gt pp owners haha.