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  1. GT 350 just got crushed by the C8

    I don't think the GT500 is going to sell as well as the GT350 did. Even with the flawed FPC of the GT350 the time was better for that car with less competition. Now you have the C8 at a lower price, and the GT500 doesn't look nearly as good as the GT350. The front looks like origami
  2. GT 350 just got crushed by the C8

    Ford GT owners are going to be very upset when that ZR1 comes out.
  3. GT 350 just got crushed by the C8

    With the C8, purchasing a GT350 or a GT500 makes for a very hard purchase justification.
  4. Replaced Voodoo Engine

    My thoughts on this is that they haven't yet disclosed any reliability issues, even though there is ample proof of there being one. The other engines you've mentioned in your post didn't have as many reported issues. Perhaps this 5.2 engine is the product of forcing improvement of performance in...
  5. Replaced Voodoo Engine

    Mine has been sitting in the garage. Driving my AMG so no complaints. Thinking I'll probably trade it in on something in 2020 as the engine seems like Ford is treating it like a one and done. Not really building on the concept, this thread is apparent as to why that may be.
  6. Replaced Voodoo Engine

    That is my fear, the reputation of this model is now suspect. Nobody wants to buy a problem.
  7. Replaced Voodoo Engine

    Wow, thinking about selling mine now. Haven't been driving it much because of this.
  8. Replaced Voodoo Engine

    I'm approx at 6700 and use about a quart per 800 miles. Not sure what to think about the troll accusation.
  9. Replaced Voodoo Engine

    Now I'm very concerned. My car burns oil. I've never had a car that burns so much oil. Is there an explanation from Ford for this, or an update of any kind?
  10. Replaced Voodoo Engine

    Does Ford have a fiduciary responsibility to the clients of their vehicles to disclose the reason for the engine's failure? As a sound business practice, my opinion is yes.
  11. Replaced Voodoo Engine

    What is Ford saying about it? I can't find anything online directly from Ford.
  12. Replaced Voodoo Engine

    Jeez man I've been lurking for a while. Don't visit much but I had no idea just how big of a problem this is. What has Ford identified as the problem?
  13. The Dealer Wins Again

    That's why I don't go to Vegas.