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  1. My Need for Green Build so far...6 speed Ecoboost

    You'll learn pretty quick most Mustang groups frown upon "upbadging". The cobra is generally reserved for Shelby cars. I totally get the point that you feel it looks plain without something. A more "agreeable" alternative for most would be something like the TriBar pony emblem. MF Auto Designs...

    Grabber colors are like that. Blue, Lime, Yellow... all depends on the lighting. Cloudy days always wash out the colors with no metallic flake. But I can live with a few washed out days if it looks like that Saleen does on an average day 😍 wasn't expecting to love the color as much as I do. I'm...
  3. Questions before I do changes to my order on Monday as new discount being applied

    From my experience, no the drive mode nor the steering selection persist or "stick". Every time you start up the car it would be in Normal mode and you would have to click the toggles to get the settings you want. 201A would give you access to MyMode which is a mode that saves all your settings...

    If you can't tell, i'm quite the fan of this gas station haha. I end up stopping there every Tuesday and if the car is clean, a pic is usually taken cause it looks so damn good. Special appearance by my brothers white ecoboost.
  5. 2020 GT Leftover Deals

    What are they advertised at? Obviously these things are always up to a number of variables. I have not quite seen ~25% off MSRP in my bit of reading and experience. But, with the right dealer and incentives, I have seen 20-22% off. In fact, before TTL I got my 2020 GT for 20% off MSRP last year...

    Wheels look good, glad you're enjoying the springs :)
  7. First mods to your Mach 1

    If anyone swaps out the grille and would like to part ways with it, slide a message in my DMs ;)

    I was down at Walker Ford where Joe filmed that video for maintenance yesterday. Took a look around and snapped a few photos. Looks good in the sun and shade :) no edits.
  9. Best GT500 Style Spoiler?

    I believe mine does this "wrapping". It definitely follows the curve of the trunk.
  10. GRABBER LIME S550 MUSTANG thread

    Really love this picture for some reason. Red is poppin' on that Lime 🥰
  11. Justin's 2020 Lime GT - Envy

    Been a little minute since I updated, but recently installed my FAVORITE mods so far. Seriously happy with how the car is coming along. So MP Concepts recently released something I was waiting anxiously for, since previously only Trufiber sold expensive carbon fiber versions: GT350 style fenders...
  12. GRABBER LIME S550 MUSTANG thread

    Another good representation of Grabber Lime in its best form, no editing. Gas station lighting is just too good :) feat my new GT350 style emblems.
  13. Best GT500 Style Spoiler?

    Thanks @WD Pro! I got mine from Function Factory Performance. It was at the beginning of COVID so there were some shipping issues and my first one was actually damaged but they handled it all for me. The second one is perfect. I don't see the listing on their website for the gloss black one any...
  14. Full Bolt on EcoBoost Mustang Sights and Sound

    Gotcha. So does that mean you have a 3in catless downpipe? Sorry im not as familiar with the ecoboost exhaust system.
  15. Full Bolt on EcoBoost Mustang Sights and Sound

    Hey! Sweet video. I was curious, can you tell me your exhaust setup? Muffler/Downpipe/BOV etc. My brother has an ecoboost and I like the way yours sounds!
  16. GRABBER LIME S550 MUSTANG thread

    Just installed this weekend, my favorite mod yet 😃 the color match is absolutely insane too, it is flawless.

    Grabber Yellow is going to be just like Lime. Washed in certain lighting, KILLER in other lighting. Heres a photo from one that just landed at the dealership with some Florida Sun.
  18. GT350 Fender Badge Placement

    Hey all, I installed GT350 style fenders on my 2020 GT. I intend to install GT350 style Coyote badges as well. I was hoping one of you beautiful people could help me install it correctly by providing me any info you can as far as a "template" would go. Distance from the upper body line...