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  1. So what is it?

    If I remember correctly, Tob is a philanthropist, professional ballroom dancer, and hell maybe even a groundhog whisperer.
  2. Car Wash goes terribly wrong

    He would have to do a rinseless or waterless style wash most likely depending on where he is. I'd say from October/November through at least April you can't use a hose, they are clogged up with ice. You need to be pretty careful if it's too cold also, if you spray a car in low temps, it will...
  3. S550 to first car... can you remember them all?

    I'm not even sure I remember them all.. 2003 Mitsubishi eclipse 2001 Ford ranger 2000 F250 PSD 2005 F150 2003 F250 PSD 1978 F150 1994 Toyota Pickup 1990 Bronco 2012 Mustang GT 2015 Focus ST 2000 Ford Ranger 2001 Ford Explorer 2008 Toyota Camry 2001 Mini JCW 2016 Focus RS 2017 Mustang GT 2017...
  4. 17 Wheel bearing issue, maybe

    I probably wouldn't drive it. It sucks but it would suck worse if the wheel bearing did fail.
  5. Anyone Else want a Turbo Inline Six?

    If I remember right, the Daytona Prototype was actually built to test the engine and transmission for the GT.
  6. It's coming faster than you think. Gas on way out.

    This is one of those situations where the market will outpace regulation. There are a lot of people looking at electric now, and with more and more auto companies starting offer options, it wouldn't surprise me if there are companies that give up gas well before that 2035 date.
  7. TrackAddict or RaceChrono

    The video will be more important than the lap times, basically to go back and review your lines after. Especially with a seasoned driver or an instructor, almost everyone out there will be willing to help. FWIW, I've had a hard time finding a phone mount solid enough for a good video, but I use...
  8. Any Gt350 owners have experience with Subaru Sti?

    I've never liked them. The RS also rides harsh but you get less of a shitbox feel to it (in my opinion). Civic type R (FWD), while I've never been in one, is goofy looking but I guess it can't be beat in driving dynamics. Golf R is the adult version of all boy racers, it rides well, it's fast...
  9. 2018 5.0 Highway MPG

    The LT1 isn't too much better than the LS3 in that regard. A huge reason is the body shape of the corvette, you may be lucky to get a MPG better with the LT1 (assuming same transmission). My best friend had a 16 Camaro SS manual, I had a 17 Mustang GT (manual) and I pipped him by .2 mpg from...
  10. GT350 Engine Refresh - Part 2

    This engine has good parts in it.
  11. Should I use Insurance to repair Rock Chip?

    You can call your insurance and verify that comp losses don't increase rates. None of my companies will increase rates due to a comp loss, I even had a buddy get a car stolen and he actually saw a rate decrease next renewal.
  12. Drag Race Showdown: 2020 GT500 vs Challenger Hellcat Redeye vs Camaro ZL1!

    If I was more comfortable in the Camaro I would probably own one. Before they made the back of them hideous. The SS handles track duty quite well and completely stock they are really neutral.
  13. Michelin Update

    I think Billy said the rule of thumb for tire sizing is .5" narrower tread width than wheel width. The stretch preloads the sidewall, takes advantage of all of the surface area and helps with tire response and feel.
  14. Drag Race Showdown: 2020 GT500 vs Challenger Hellcat Redeye vs Camaro ZL1!

    It won't lol. Might be close on the Demon's 808 tune.
  15. 2020 GT500 CFTP Destroys C8 Corvette - Motortrend Comparison Review

    If I remember correctly, Billy showed up in shorts and flip flops trying to shake down the car to figure out a braking issue. They also only had 1 set of tires and he was told not to tear them up, he said there was plenty of time left in it. I would love it if Ford played the game with lap...
  16. 54,000 Mile Oil Analysis - Increased Lead

    Oof that would be expensive. Honestly, if I read it right, I would go back to your old exxon and see what the next oil change analysis says. I'd hate for you to start to worry about an engine when it wasn't anything to worry about in the first place.
  17. Cammisa and Pobst go for it in GT500 vs GT3 (and Challenger, Ferrari)

    It's hard to tell, but pausing the video it looks like the tire has the black square which would denote the "R"
  18. How many are paying MSRP only for your GT500?

    He will make sure you are happy. It's what he does. I've bought 3 cars from him and I constantly check the used car website for trucks. I can't even bring myself to look at local vehicles here anymore.
  19. CTFP Wing dimensions

    If I remember correctly its a GT4 wing, which I thought was made by APR.
  20. Moving, HPR track 40 min away, $1250 unlimited pass

    I'm in Parker right now lol. But around March we are moving into a new house near DIA.