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  1. Barrett Jackson LV GT350 sold!

    A Chevrolet Dealer in New Orleans just gave me 47k on trade in for my 2016 GT350 Track Pack (19,889 miles). Feel like that was a very generous offer now.
  2. Oil consumption got worse. Not sure what to do. Should I sell the car?

    100% Agree. Let me reiterate that my engine, suspension and transmission put up with serious abuse. I did not drive this car like most of you I see on the road crusing along or at the CarsnCoffee. My car spent it's entire 19,000 miles screaming to 8,250rpm once warmed up, every shift I was...
  3. Oil consumption got worse. Not sure what to do. Should I sell the car?

    Thermostat, Alternator, Air Conditioning and coilpacks all had to be replaced under warranty. My car was one of the first 300 built so the quirks are not surprising but I found them to be unsettling all added up. Overall those 19,000 miles were among the greatest driving experiences of my life...
  4. Oil consumption got worse. Not sure what to do. Should I sell the car?

    I owned a GT350 for about 18 months and drove just over 19,000 epic miles. Let's just say I wouldn't dare own one without a warranty.
  5. Did Obsessed Garage (Matt) sell his GT350?

    I'm going to make a 44 minute exit video covering my next bowel movement.
  6. Engine light - low coolant temperature

    I had the same issue - thermostat installed under warranty in the first 5,000 miles.
  7. Two Messages on Dash

    I had those messages appear one time towards the end of a track day. It was back to normal quickly.
  8. So I think I will need to replace the motor | Currently at the Dealer

    That's exactly what I thought. I raced the living shit out of my GT350 19,987 of the hardest miles I have ever driven in my life. Both on and off the track. After the initial break in period was over my GT350 stayed at 5000-8,250rpm every single day for 2 straight years. Having said that...
  9. So I think I will need to replace the motor | Currently at the Dealer

    How so? The FPC motor was used to win the 2016 CTSC Championship, seemed to hold up just fine throughout the can watch every race full broadcast on the IMSA Youtube channel. Worth a watch if you haven't, at the very least just to hear that sweet engine sing.
  10. Air Conditioner Issues

    Check out the new C7 GrandSport - incredible fit and finish and performance to match.
  11. Air Conditioner Issues

    Happened to mine, started blowing hot air - there was a leak. The A/C units in these cars are junk.
  12. Anyone else think the exhaust is too raspy?

    I love the sound as it's a unique combination of American Muscle and Exotic FPC - makes for a very special ownership experience especially from 5000-8250rpm, quite a rush. I put nearly 20,000 miles on a GT350 with resonators pulled (same as R). If I didn't want to hear it I could turn it off...
  13. Want to buy a GT350 but cant drive a manual!

    I bought a brand new Shelby GT500 off the showroom floor in 2007, I had never driven a manual and couldn't even drive it out of the lot after purchase. I learned after about a day.
  14. Anyone traded over from a 996/997 Turbo?

    There's only one option.....get both. American/Euro Muscle combined is bliss.
  15. Ridin' the Crackle

    That's a good name for it, I always said the GT350 sounds like someone is shooting a machine gun outside your passenger window..
  16. Door dings, neighbours, my 350 and me

    When a person starts off their opinion by saying "real talk" you know to immediately ignore everything that follows. OP don't rely on people's generosity or parking manners - they will destroy your car at some point, you need to bribe your way into the corner spot. Also off topic but fact...
  17. Why are so many for sale?

    It draws a lot of attention but also draws a lot of cops and 100 mph feels like 65
  18. GT350 Book and Mugs

    I paid money for a GT350 mug through someone who knows a dealer who just got them. It was delivered and I just got my hands on it - possibly the greatest coffee mug I have ever seen. It says S H E L B Y on the other side also - best 30 bucks I spent this year.
  19. New Guy - Atlanta area Black with Blue stripes GT350 Track Pack

    Congrats! :cheers: Sounds like you picked up a real gem, 2016 Track Packs are awesome, good choice!
  20. makes me nervous

    Or slam the entrance door....