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  1. Effect of light weight wheels and tires on acceleration

    You can feel it in the turns. I have vbox data that shows the difference. Obviously losing unsprung weight is a big plus
  2. First time drag racing

    For fun. I may pick up a different car to do drag racing if I enjoy it
  3. First time drag racing

    I am thinking of doing some drag racing this year with my Mustang. My GT is set up for the road course with a lot of negative camber (-3.6 F/-2.5 R) and a lot of suspension modifications. Anywho, I am currently running RE71Rs and I am wondering what tire people would recommend to run instead? I...
  4. Someone tell me what to buy

    I would buy Cortex. The quality is much better.
  5. Do S550 Shelby Le Mans stripes follow the original GT350 dimensions?

    No, because the proportions of the car looks different
  6. IS $5500 PPF worth it GT350 ????

    Don't follow so closely?
  7. IS $5500 PPF worth it GT350 ????

    At that price you can just repaint all the parts that get rock chipped.
  8. BMR vs. Steeda handling upgrades

    I went for neither and went with Cortex Racing
  9. Ford LeMans Driver: Billy Johnson's new YouTube Channel: "One Lap Billy"

    @BillyJRacing could you add a subseries of videos that can give tips for time attack?
  10. 2020 GT500 results from Car and Driver Lightning Lap 2021

    There is way too much bench racing going on.
  11. Sway Bars End Links?

    Yes you should. The stock endlinks are really weak. Consider getting cortex racing end links
  12. GT350R (Carbon Fiber Rim Rash Repair?)

    A black sharpie is a good temporary fix
  13. Canada - Ontario FS: 12" 2019 Mustang GT Digital Cluster + bezel

    For sale is a 2019 Mustang GT Digital Cluster that came from an automatic Mustang with 2.5k miles. There are zero imperfections with the cluster and it came from a running and driving car. This would be an excellent upgrade to those that don't have a digital cluster. Note: this also comes with...
  14. ALL Photoshop Requests Thread

    Could anyone photoshop BBS E88 wheels (silver with gold centres) or (all black) on a competition orange GT? Thank you!