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  1. Bullitt single horn - FIXED!

    I did... Or, at least NoVaGT thought so. For a while. Maybe 6 seconds...
  2. Bullitt single horn - FIXED!

    Hahahaha! Sorry for the (really) late reply, I quit following this thread a while back. No touch too painstaking to apply to the ole Bullitt, I always say...
  3. Anyone else a fair weather driver?

    Well, we moved to a new home and, as a result of our extensive remodeling projects, the garage is still not empty enough to put the Bullitt in so it sits in the driveway. It's a daily driver... again; even if it never leaves it's spot.
  4. SOLD MY CAR :(

    I’ve been off the board for a while and just now saw this thread. I’m also a cancer survivor (although not severe or aggressive) so, from one to another, may the peace of Christ be with you always. You will be in our prayers daily.
  5. Bullitt owners only - How old are you?

    66. 2019 early adopter.
  6. How many Bullitt owners wished they had Grey or any other color Calipers?

    I don’t like the red but not sure I want to go through the hassle to change them since I’d have to find/pay someone to do it.
  7. Is there anything you would change with the Bullitt

    2 visits ago to the dealer that sold me my car, it came back to me with my seat setting totally jacked up AND memorized. It takes a special kind of a-hole to do that.
  8. Help with personalized plate

    We applied for a CA personal plate for our motorhome in April and it just showed up last week. I hope your wait is shorter!
  9. Help with personalized plate

    Just to refresh...
  10. How often do you guys see other Bullitts on the road?

    I had to go to the local Honda store today to pick up a part for our CR-V (yeah, I know, but it tows flat behind our motorhome...). Anyway, the sales guys were all over it. Since they were all in their 20's, I had to explain the car a little and one guy asked about the license plate.
  11. How often do you guys see other Bullitts on the road?

    Haha! One of my sightings was on Hwy 1 on the Nipomo mesa near the CalFire station... I remember because we store our motorhome near there and I was on my way back home.
  12. How often do you guys see other Bullitts on the road?

    Yes, that's the bottom of the plate frame. I've actually had TWO people in 26 months get the meaning of the 6 HUBCPS (I do realize the actual number of hubcaps varies from source to source). Also, we are in a somewhat isolated part of Calif here on the central coast and not really near any...
  13. resonator delete, who has done this?

    I've had the resonator-delete and a Steeda H-pipe for about a year. Ungodly loud on start-up in the garage (I back in) but gorgeous and yummy. I love the rumble in Sport+ on deceleration; sounds EXACTLY like McQueen pulling up to the hotel where one of his detectives has just been shot.
  14. How’s everyone feeling about their Bullitt’s? After some time owning them.

    2 years now (Oct 2018) and I'm still in love and still getting longing looks from other folks who know or suspect what the car is. I haven't had any actual problems with it (save the rear-view mirror which vibrates like the Magic-Fingers bed in a cheap motel). I DO have the 2k rattle and the...
  15. Trunk

    Smoke generator.
  16. How Much?: Steeda Lowering Springs & Spacers on the Bullitt...

    Thank you, guys. He just really doesn’t want to do it. But if I’m crazy enough to pay $900+, he’d be happy to take my money.
  17. What's your favourite Bullitt photo

    Lord, I hope not. My first car was a '65 Falcon, sort of baby-blue, with large, adhesive flowers plastered all over it. Long story, too stupid to relate.
  18. How Much?: Steeda Lowering Springs & Spacers on the Bullitt...

    So... I created a "build list" on the Steeda website for the Magneride-compatible lowering springs and wheel spacers. In the mean time, I contacted the local shop that did my IRS and front K braces and my jacking rails for an estimate for the springs and spacers. They finally got back to me...

    I had the same problem. I taped it up with clear shipping tape. I'll have it fixed when I take the car in for service.