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  1. A couple laps at Talladega

    I did a ride along in Vegas years ago. Hit about 140. Glad I did it then because I don't know if I could get my carcass through the side window again.
  2. What is it like driving '65 - '73 Mustang and how does it compare to a S550??

    We had a 1970 Mach 1 for awhile. It would run like hell but it didn't want to stop or turn. Steering was floaty. You felt every bump and heard every creak and rattle. That said, it sounded great, smelled great and looked great. No give in the seatbelt though. Once you were in, you were IN.
  3. 10 Speed Auto or 6 Speed Manual, what say you?

    I was dead set on getting the manual until I saw a deal for one with the A10. Took the A10 for a test drive and was blown away by it. I never had issues with it hunting for a gear. Normal mode for me is great and Sport mode is amazing. I take it through the canyons around where I live all...
  4. Some Hot Dog always wants to race me in my mustang...

    When you beat him in the quarter mile was he a sour kraut?
  5. Annoyed with the attention

    I've had pretty positive experiences in the year I've had mine. Funnily enough, Walgreens is where I get the most attention. I've had 5 people chat me up as I'm getting to my car. I had one guy in a white BMW want to race from a stop light. I didn't indulge, but I did snicker at the blue...
  6. Are you gonna trade your current mustang in when the s650 comes out?

    Not me. I'm loving it and I plan on driving it until the wheels come off.
  7. Mustang Positivity Thread

    That's amazing! Very cool stuff. The wife and I just got back from a drive up around there. The turn off to the observatory was closed, but we enjoyed driving the Crest.
  8. Mustang Positivity Thread

    This is right outside the Mt Wilson Observatory. Fun drive up there.
  9. Mustang Positivity Thread

    The speed, the sound, the style... ...and the sh*t eating grin every time I take a drive.
  10. Insults

    Today I drove down a fairly residential street with a big park on one side and a stop sign at every block. I had it in Sport mode and would goose it from each stop, then let the RPMs drop on the way to the next. Some men and women turned their heads. Every kid turned their head. No one...
  11. What ambient lighting do you have?

    Kona blue car with blue gauges and red halo.
  12. Can you drive a stick?

    I learned on an '81 Ford Fairmont wagon 4speed. It was a blast to learn on because I knew I couldn't get into too much trouble with it. I had 2 Probe GT's and 1 Mustang GT since then that were stick and I loved every second of them. I also resurrected my parents '90 Mustang GT 'vert that was...
  13. Rant time...what's the worst thing about your Mustang?

    What bothers me the most right now is that I can't figure out how to get Waze or Google Maps from my Samsung onto my screen. Android Auto works great with music. I can't figure out the navigation.
  14. Would you let color alone stop you from buying a great used car?

    I read the question and before I clicked on the thread and read the original post, I said to myself, "Yep, white."
  15. How many of you switched from manual to auto with the 2018+?

    I learned to drive on an '81 Ford Fairmont wagon with a manual. Since then, most of my cars have been manual. I had my mind made up that I was getting a stick until about 3-4 months before I got my '19. Leg issues with LA traffic got me thinking maybe the A10 was for me. After driving it, I...
  16. Rant time...what's the worst thing about your Mustang?

    This is my biggest complaint. The stereo in our 6 year old Fusion sounds much better than the 9 speaker system.
  17. Still happy you bought a 10 sp auto?

    I love the A10. Nearly all of my past "fun" cars were manual. Decided to get the A10 because of getting-old issues. I don't regret it one bit. It's a blast to drive in D, and when I want a bit more visceral experience, Sport+ scratches that itch.
  18. 9 Lives...used my second yesterday

    Last week my wife and I were 3rd in line at a red light. Light turns green, first car goes. Second car gets into intersection and someone blew their red light, swerved between me and the second car at near full speed. Closest call I've had in awhile. This week a similar thing happened to my...
  19. Is the 2019 Ford Mustang Order Guide Available?

    Interesting....BLIS and memory seats now come standard with 201A and 401A.
  20. Need for Green Official...

    The car that's next to the NFG that Velocity Blue?