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  1. Best 'R' replica spoiler


    What's with the Shitting stuff? LOL :shrug::shrug:
  3. Drive Modes?

    For line lock there are several videos on how to use it do a YouTube search for line lock or launch control. will be the same as the 2015+ GT. for Launch control you have to set the RPMs you want to stage at and put the throttle pedal to the floor in a quick motion, And the motor will not go...
  4. Drive Modes?

    What do you mean "Couldn't get it to work"? did you get a Drive mode unavailable? or are you talking about launch control and or line lock?
  5. GT350 Stock fuel pressure

    You would figure that the mechanics that use the OBD II port for diagnosis would require an accurate reading of the fuel pressure
  6. Diminished Value

    Get a second appraisal from an independent company to help your case.
  7. Collinite 915 wax

    did you put multiple layers on it?
  8. Pedalmax

    Does the Pedalmax work with Auto Blip?
  9. SYNC 3 swap, It's all in here

    First off did you save the original configuration through Forscan? And this will sound silly but were you in reverse when you tested it? did you check if you get the drive mode unavailable with the steering wheel control? the reverse sensors could be the culprit and may need to be disabled if...
  10. This article leaves a good feeling about owning a GT350

    Ford has already said that 2018 would be the last year for the GT350, 2019 will be the year of the GT500.
  11. SYNC 3 update 2017 GT350

    Not if it's a manual transmission
  12. Clip part number help

  13. NEW 2018 GT350 Key Fob facelift

    I think the salesman kept the other key for himself.
  14. Looking at purchasing 350, should I exclude the '16s?

    Personally, I would get the Track pack, Even if you don't intend to track the car the extra cooling is an good insurance policy especially if you live in warm climates. As far as SYNC 3 is concerned you can piece the system together or buy a complete system from as many of us...
  15. Auto-blip install question ...

    So what was the issue that caused the faulty status led?
  16. GT350 FORScan Tweaks

    Did you get the SYNC 3 from OEMRadio?
  17. Side trim with Watson 4 pt cage

    The GT350 uses the same panels as any other s550 mustangs, There isn't any made specifically for the GT350
  18. HELP. Strange Sluggish Acceleration

    Disconnect the Battery and let it set for about 30 minutes then reconnect it.