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  1. Cobra Jet Help with Line

    Installed a CJ on a Gen 3 car, works perfectly, Trying to clean up the lines I want to fix the lower barb on the driver side( Brake Booster I believe). I just used a rubber 3/8s and forced it on the CJ and then on the metal line, Is it possible to just run a line from the CJ all the way back...
  2. Push Start Option 2018+

    Like title states, besides 5Spurs which I'm considering is there any other options for push start buttons like 15-17 gt350 etc.
  3. SP083 Alignment Specs

    2019 PP1 car lowered on BMR Handling SP083 with 19x10.5+32 Squared 285/35. Would the BMR Specs still be good for this setup or what should I change, I have camber bolts in the front and have the M-5A460-M Toe Bearing as well. Car is daily driver and sees the drag strip with occasional track...
  4. Cobra Jet or GT350 Manifold?

    So we all know the Cobra Jet is the King Daddy for N/A drag applications, but would it do well still in an Auto/Road course environment? I have opgs done and will be doing cams soon would I be better to get a GT350 manifold or cobra jet for a little more top end power. Wondering if I lower the...
  5. Sway bars

    Nice! Im starting to want to get into more roadcourse and autox more, probably autox as events are closer to me. @BmacIL with the information you laid out, Im assuming the bmr front bar and stock rear PP bar should be good with my setup? Thanks in advace
  6. Sway bars

    Figured I'd ask here rather than start a new thread although its a necro, Have been reading up more on sway bars and I think I'm slightly confusing myself more than learning, 2019 PP1 on FP Track suspension with BMR SP083 springs, Was thinking a BMR bar in the front and leaving the original PP...
  7. Help with Ethanol Sensor

    Hey all! 2019 GT looking to run an ethanol content sensor stock fuel system, anyway know the best place to tap in this and what to use, found what people did for a gen 2 but the gen 3 motor is a little different, should i also use the nylon fuel line and the doorman ends or get better hardware...
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  9. Rear Upper Shock Mounts

    Just wanted to update everyone as I somewhat forgot about this thread(apologizes) I went with the J&M Rear Upper Shock Mounts and could not be happier with how they've preformed on the car so far. Have not had a chance to get a track day in yet but it has gotten plenty of street use and some...
  10. Florida HP Tuners Ngauge

    Bump! Everything is Included+vent mount and ready to ship with priority mail.
  11. Florida HP Tuners Ngauge

    Is it is
  12. Florida HP Tuners Ngauge

    Yes, cable, SD Card, and SD Card Adapter
  13. Florida HP Tuners Ngauge

    Selling my HP Tuners Ngauge $350 obo Local pickup around Melbourne, FL
  14. Official APEX Wheels Showroom Gallery Thread

    I would 100% be in and have wanted a gold set for my s550.
  15. Florida WTB HP Tuners Nguage

    WTB Used HP Tuners Nguage (non Lund). Thanks
  16. Florida WTT Lund Nguage for HP Tuners

    Doing this for a friend, Bought used Lund Nguage for his F-150 but went with PBD and apparently Lund and PBD can’t convert. So if anyone is looking to trade PM. Thanks
  17. Florida White Madness Auto Shifter

    It’s some kind of composite for sure, it feels like the same quality out of what a real shift knob is made out of as it has a decent amount of weight and feel to it.