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  1. Missouri Full Set of Take-off OE Leather Seat Covers From 2020 Ecoboost Premium

    I purchased these new take-off seat covers from a member who was upgrading their leather from a 2020 Ecoboost Premium. Initially, I was going to install them in my base model but it's been a few months and I'm returning the car to stock. I never installed them and they just sat around in the...
  2. Missouri Performance Pack Dash Bezel with GT350 Gauge Pods

    I have a set of Performance pack dash bezels with GT350 gauge pods. Overall they’re in great shape. -The large center piece with the vents has 2 very small scuffs on it and a small dent under where the pp gauges are. - The mounting screws for the gauge pods into the bezel are not included...
  3. Does anyone know what gauge wire the stock V6 (+) battery cable uses?

    I recently had the stock battery go bad and corrode the positive cable terminal in two. Instead of replacing the entire cable, my plan is to crimp an eyelet (similar to how the negative cable is wired) on each positive wire and connect to the battery post with military terminals. To do this, I...
  4. Stock GT Exhaust on V6 Mustang

    Did you have to do any other modifications? I just want to be sure before I buy the setup — it has quad tips and the muffler itself looks larger and very different from even GT’s from 2015-2017
  5. Stock GT Exhaust on V6 Mustang

    Does anyone know if the stock exhaust from a 2018 GT would bolt up similarly to that of a 2016 V6? Basically, will any GT exhaust from a 2015 - 2020 fit a V6 2015 - 2020?
  6. Missouri WTB: Stock GT Exhaust

    I'm looking to buy a stock GT exhaust to swap onto a V6.
  7. Missouri 2015 to 2017 MyColor Instrument Panel / Cluster

    I have an instrument cluster for MT (can be converted to Auto though) 2015 to 2017 models. I was going to use it for a swap but it has too many miles and I got another cheaper than what odopro was asking. 56,707 miles. In good working condition. One of the tabs on the back is broken but that...
  8. Missouri Gauge Connector 6U2Z-14S411-JB for Adding PP Gauges

    I have an unopened, unused Gauge connector part number: 6U2Z-14S411-JB. I assumed I would need this to add PP gauges to my base model 051A and bought this before taking the radio out. To my surprise, my car was wired already with this harness and I cannot return this pigtail. Paid $30+ I'm...
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    Bezel sync3
  17. Missouri 8" Premium Radio Bezel / Control Panel for Sync3

    I have a n 8" bezel / control panel from a premium car with the heated seat buttons. Everything works on the panel and all of the mounting tabs are intact. There is a small scratch on the passenger side- near where the middle of the screen would be. Also some small scratches at the bottom left...
  18. WTB premium/8” surrounding control panel bezel

    I'm posting one right now in the audio / nav classifieds. Asking 300 shipped
  19. SYNC 3 swap, It's all in here

    This fixed the problem. Thanks for your help!