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  1. GT Sync 3 Premium Radio Bezel

    Is it still available?
  2. Kansas Sold

    Is it still available?
  3. STOP Buying TPMS Training Tool for 2015+

    I had a shop install TPMS from CDC, i dont know how they did it but it didn't sync up to my car,kept getting pressure monitor fault. I Had to take it back to them twice. Only started working when I had them do the tire training procedure. They used their own learning tool. Remotesremotes site...

    cooper zeon rs3-g1 275/35/20,305/35/20 , CDC Outlaw wheels 9/20 and rear is 10/20
  5. 2015 Mustang GT vs 2016 Golf R w/ APR Stage 2!

    I guess this was an HPDE event? I have same corsa catback exhaust and im trying to find out if it is too loud for that track.
  6. Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    1st Gen model, i think its 2GB
  7. Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    It looks awesome with the big screen but in the end I think it's not worth it. Nowadays we come to expect technology working fast and smooth.
  8. Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    Mine is laggy most of the time but I thinks its always been this way. It takes time when you want to perform an action in it. On a rare ocasion it will go crazy and pretty much stops working until you shut it down and reboot. I do use a custom rom and Waze on start up. Can get frustrating but...
  9. Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    Hope its for Gen1 ,can't wait. :eyebulge:
  10. Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    That sucks, contact Liu [email protected], he speaks chinese only though :)
  11. Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    Does anyone hotspot their iphone 8 or X here? My Navi says authentication problem and wont connect.
  12. Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    Ajones92 How much does this ATT hotspot cost without 2y contract?
  13. Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    Did you remove any launchers? Try using M button on the SWC.
  14. Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    The plastic pieces of the unit on both sides cover the edges of the screen so you can't tell where it ends, the screen protector probably fits the screen perfectly. It looks dark initially but once you remove all the filters on it ,it looks normal. Good protector if u can install it right
  15. Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    I think it is less bright and colorful now but I haven't noticed much difference.
  16. Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    I removed the screen protector that comes with the HU and installed this antiglare one i got from amazon. Its 13.99. Some pros and cons. Installing it was a mess because of its size. Ended up having some...
  17. Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    How did you get rid of the High accuracy pop up in Waze?
  18. Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    Thank you, ill try that. It was also suggested in the past to have a setting set to Mustang not Mustang HI if you have a base model.
  19. Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    That Carbon version looks good. So yesterday I ran into same issue as some people here where Hazards turn on after shutting down the car. Had to leave it like that for an hour. Switched it from Mustang HI to Mustang. Drove home and it stopped going off. Hopefully it doesn't do it again. Was...