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  1. Happy Valentine’s Day Sale ☠️🖤

    can I get a discount code?
  2. Any regrets with Steeda H Pipe?

    should be at most $75 to install at a shop. Really easy!
  3. Stall converter

    I had issues with the FTI, sent it back, got a Circle D 5c(beefcake recommendation) for my car & its perfect. It is also a daily driver.
  4. Vibrant resonators

    Sounds great, no rasp, quiet until you get on it.
  5. Vibrant resonators

    amazon total flows welded in right after the h pipe section. I have LT's no cats.
  6. Tune or Supercharge

    I was contemplating going FI but after the converter install there is no need. Car is plenty fast for the street.
  7. Loudest cat back

    SLP LM1. Just a muffler delete & any x pipe.
  8. My Custom Open Air Element Intake

    velossa tech or the sr version from American muscle
  9. Borla Resonated H pipe...not what I was expecting

    it will get a lil louder after some miles. I was into the NASCAR or drag loud but as gotten older rather hear music in car.
  10. 15-17 intake manifold improvements?

    I've been running the 18 mani for a lil bit now. No loss in sotp feel down low. With the Circle D 5c in the car really rips! I sold my '16 intake to a club member with an f150. He loves it. Someone bite the bullet & have a 15-17 ported/tested.
  11. M-9603-M8B

    ported stock Tb =$200, drop in air filter=$50, Lund Tune with device=$500
  12. Exhaust Note Video List - Summarized in First Post

    2016 Ford Mustang GT(10r80) TSP Longtubes (no cats), Steed H Pipe/2 12" amazon resonators welded in behind the H, FRPP/Borla AB.
  13. Steeda vs BMR

    I use Steeda whenever I can. Great product/customer service.
  14. Steeda Hardcore S550 Mustang IRS Differential Support Bracket

    how much nvh does this brace cause? Just did Circle D install & without traction control off the car, well she needs more traction, lol. Edited: just ordered 1 since they are on sale!
  15. Virginia Grabber Lime 15-17 Valve Covers

    how much shipped to 32065?