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  1. Mid Corner Throttle?

    Not sure why you are so wound tight. Covid is ending you can relax a bit now. Pointing contrived? I would think a hotshot like you would know that in hpde not all group sessions are open passing. There is a thing called a pointby group. On the gas 75% of the arc means you overslowed the...
  2. Mid Corner Throttle?

    That's mostly true but still depends on car and driver. That's why racers look at segment times to do exactly that at T2 at laguna and see what attack makes time, what looses time, and what is lost from double apex park in the turn while trying to defend or if you can beat the guy late single...
  3. 10R80 Owners - ULTIMATE M6G 10R80 Facts + Resolutions to harsh or no shift conditions

    Chuck overheat just once can be fatal on A10. Burp out vent happens when too hot. Make sure fluid level is right. Tc is known victim. Don't let A10 get hot!!!
  4. Mid Corner Throttle?

    It depends on what your steering wheel is doing.
  5. 2019 GT Oil Consumption

    Mustangs suck. I wish I picked another car to race. Every job is a battle with this car. Zero engineering as you can now appreciate.
  6. Where do I find Performance Friction Rotors?

    Pretty awesome if the alternates work though
  7. Where do I find Performance Friction Rotors?

    I'm not opposed to a grinder. I'm not convince the not mustang specific will fit. I'm not willing to throw 600 bucks to ser anyway. Maybe there is other dimension besides diameter and thickness? ?
  8. Where do I find Performance Friction Rotors?

    But why does pfc say there are no rings if you can just use a porsche v3 ring???? I was told by PF I had to buy 10 rings!!!
  9. Where do I find Performance Friction Rotors?

    Nope. None of those are for v3
  10. Where do I find Performance Friction Rotors?

    Nope i got hats. I can't buy rotors
  11. Where do I find Performance Friction Rotors?

    PF does not support their product. For some reason Mustangs are low volume. They make these rotors off the shelf for porsches as an example. I think it was OP Mustang who was doing a group order for the rotors but they did not get the minimum 10 sets to make the order. What we need to do...
  12. First Oil Change And The "Tick"

    I have no dog in this hunt. I only race and have no cats so I can use HDEO with the extra zddp. I have had zero tick issue over many oil changes but I'm 1 datapoint. Ceratec adds to the oil change cost and might be just like liq moly or another additive which are often extra zddp and or Moly...
  13. Can we calibrate our A10 GT's just like the new Mach 1?

    Do you guys know if the trans learning your style rest if the battery is dosconnected or do you have to say go into the obd2 and reset with your obd tool?
  14. Can we calibrate our A10 GT's just like the new Mach 1?

    I guess what I'm trying to understand is if this tune only helps in auto mode? If you paddle it does not help?
  15. Can we calibrate our A10 GT's just like the new Mach 1?

    That is interesting. I have no problem with my A10 shift but it only sees the track. My real complaint is the downshifts are too smooth I can feel them nor hear them. Sometimes I paddle down and the car does not shift. Most of the time it does. I think the no down shift is me downshifting...
  16. Can we calibrate our A10 GT's just like the new Mach 1?

    This is hopeful. I thought the Gen3 FP tune was for the motor and nothing for the A10? What exactly is the felt difference on the A10 part of the tune? Faster shifts in sport? Felt shift in the downshift? Does the tune improve manual paddle performance of just full auto modes?
  17. Steeda lateral link

    Yes! I wish that was in the IFU's for the lateral links. That omission cost me to have to buy a second set of larger spacers or another 200bucks to get strut clearance and the negative camber I needed for my race only S550. I guess it depends on the car setup but it would have been nice to know.
  18. BMR TOE LINKS Noise issue

    I do my own alignments and my S550 is race only. Have you looked at the J&M Hotpart toe links? I have not looked at others but the J&M's are very stout in construction. The look of them it would appear that they reduce movement acting almost like a lower control arm negating the slop of the...
  19. Sam's Big Brisket post

    Looks great sam makes me hungry! Are you stoking wood for 19 hours? How much tending to the fire is there over that time?