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  1. CarbonDynamics GT350 Fenders

    where did you contacted us? Facebook or email?
  2. GT350 Styled Fenders (preorder)

    You can run 11 wide up from with stock GT fenders without it pocking out too dramatically. As for now, this is all we are doing. No plans for wide body.
  3. GT350 Styled Fenders (preorder)

    slightly tamer version of this hood.
  4. GT350 Steering wheel

    The real part number for that part is: FR3Z63043B13AB
  5. CarbonDynamics GT350 Fenders

    BBB Cocky posts? Interesting. Mind citing some examples, please?
  6. Carbon Fiber GT350 TrackPack styled spoiler

    You can use this towards your next order. :cheers:
  7. So what's everyone's opinion on the CD GT350 fascia clone?

    Typos? Mind pointing out where these typos are so we can fix them? It does us no good to make such a vague comment.
  8. GT350 Styled Fenders (preorder)

    Got your order! :cheers:
  9. GT350 Styled Fenders (preorder)

    Very soon. This went pretty viral on facebook. I would do it now. :cheers:
  10. GT350 Styled Fenders (preorder)

    Prepainting will only add to cost. These do not come prepainted for this reason.
  11. GT350 Styled Fenders (preorder)

    This part is made to replicate the look of the GT350(R) fenders without the widebody effect that comes with the orginal fenders. This means It bolts on directly to any stock 2015-up GT, EcoBoost, and V6 Mustang. This part is made from high quality fiberglass and the vent inserts are made from...
  12. GT350 Track Pack Spoiler is coming...

    Preorder thread is now open, get yours before they are all gone:
  13. Carbon Fiber GT350 TrackPack styled spoiler

    Pre-order is now open for the carbon fiber GT350 Trackpack-styled spoiler. Quantity is limited, so secure if you are interested. :thumbsup:
  14. GT350 Track Pack Spoiler is coming...

    Price was adjusted, but you can use the coupon code "carbonblack" for a discount.