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  1. How many GTs are Owned by Seniors?

    soon to be 61. love my 2017 ruby red gt premium. can’t imagine driving anything else.
  2. Last chance warranty items

    it's cracked through the leather on the lower left side of the drivers seat. you know how you have to swing your legs out to get out of the car? that's the wear that is causing the crack. i hope the the new seat cover lasts more than 30k miles. i'm going to try to keep it from getting too...
  3. Last chance warranty items

    My 2017 Ruby Red Premium GT is quickly closing in on 36K miles. I have until the end of June to get any warranty work done. I asked a local dealer to look into these issues: - dash rattle - not all the time, but very annoying on some roads. - driver seat heater - either it doesn't work or...
  4. Driver side arm rest squeak?

    Apologies for not replying to the recent posts until now. I did resolve the issue... I traded the 2017 Silver GT for 2017 Ruby Red GT Premium. :-) Before I traded the Silver, I went back to dealer and sat in several Mustangs. This was a couple years ago. — ALL — of the cars on the dealers lot...
  5. First Time Manual Owner

    My 2017 GT manual clutch is much easier use than the 2006 GT 5 speed I traded. I love it. Just saying.
  6. Should've got the stick

    I traded auto for manual I traded my 2017 GT - auto for another new 2017 GT with manual for several reasons, transmission being one of them. The car feels much more responsive, and I never got used to the paddle shifters. To each his own.
  7. Do you ever hit the wrong button?

    I've activated the emergency flashing lights several times. The button is just above the tray where I dump change, phone, cables, etc.
  8. Traded my new 17 Mustang GT for a new 17 Mustang GT

    Possibly. One thing fore sure, which is NOT placebo, the exhaust sounds better. If I knew there would be a difference I would have captured a video in the previous GT. The other stuff is, granted, subjective.
  9. Traded my new 17 Mustang GT for a new 17 Mustang GT

    curb and depreciation hitc re: parked to close to the curb curb not high enough to scrape or damage anything under car. But point taken, bad habbit which i need to end asap. Caused alot headaches with my 2006 GT which was lower. re: how much did i lose? Definitely did not lose $6k. I would...
  10. Traded my new 17 Mustang GT for a new 17 Mustang GT

    Traded my 17 Ingot Silver GT (Base) for a new 17 Ruby Red GT (Premium). The silver GT had 4500 miles. I simply was not happy with the silver GT. "OK" is the word that pops up to describe it. I bought the silver GT on March 1st. It rarely put that grin on my face that I still had with my 2006...
  11. Finally got the deal!!!

    I just traded my new 17 GT for a new 17 GT funny, I just traded my 17 Ingot Silver GT (Base), for a 17 Ruby Red GT (Premium). As far as I can tell, I got a great deal which means the depreciation hit was tolerable. I simply wasn't happy with Silver GT. Love the new Ruby Red!
  12. Body Panel Alignment: What to watch out for + Tips (with a happy ending)

    My issues: Hood The hood is raised on the driver side where it meets the window. The hood is tight against the front fender on the driver side. Not so on the passenger side. I.e. the hood is not centered between the driver and passenger front fenders. Front Bumper The bumper is not properly...
  13. Driver side arm rest squeak?

    Among the disappointing issues I'm seeing on my 2017 GT is a squeak when I rest my arm on the driver side door arm rest. Anyone else hear this and taken it to the dealer? I checked the right door arm rest and it squeaks but it's much less noticeable. Just to make sure I'm not hearing things...
  14. Introduce yourself!!

    Greetings! Newbie here... Excited to join the forum. I have a 2017 Mustang GT, Ingot Silver. Base package. I've had it for 3 months. I traded in my 2006 GT. It's automatic which is taking some getting used to, my 2006 GT was manual. I love the car. But to be honest, there have been...