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  1. Yes, faster then a C8

    Yes it does. You can see the stitching of the stock seat on the corner of the screen. The C8? We already know the GT350 does not go into limp mode (if you didn't buy that tech pak) or cook the brakes. I doubt the C8 would either for the base car after the diaster of the Z06.
  2. Yes, faster then a C8

    Then the ZR1's record 2:37.25 lap on the grand coarse is also "irrelevant" because it had a race seat when GM set the time.
  3. High speed front end lift

    I've gone 130+ on track and never felt those issues. :inspect:
  4. BVK - Bmac Vehicle Kinematics (formerly BmacIL)

    What vehicle dynamics software do you use?
  5. Had enough of aftermarket CAI & HIGH IAT's. So here's my fix.

    But my hot air intake looks so much cooler than your ugly box.
  6. Not only was the GT 350 crushed by the C8....

    Apparently a Ford engineer turned a faster lap around VIR in a regular GT350 than Randy did in the C8 Z51:
  7. Sport Cup 2 max wear on track before replacing

    RE71R are not good on Mustangs. They are super sticky and overheat quickly but are fast when they are on light cars on cold days.
  8. Yes, faster then a C8

    Most track guys are. He's not very good. "2019 Shelby GT350 VIR Hot Lap" is in the title and the image. It would be safe to guess the Z06 or GranSport would be faster than the Z51. But we know the GT350R and GT500 is faster than the GT350.
  9. Tires pressures for the track.

    IR guns are a waste of time. Get a probe or don't check at all. 34-36 hot is a good ballpark.
  10. The Beginning of Cooling Issues

    Thinner oil cools better than thicker oil.
  11. GT500 vs ZLE

    Ford may be stupid for allowing the car to go to Throttle House with old tires and no front wickers and the rear wing not set to track mode. Throttle House should have the knowledge and credibility to demand cars with new tires for valid testing. Either way, both should know better or someone...
  12. Throttle House puts the 2020 GT500, Camaro ZL1 and Challenger Hellcat Redeye on the track

    If solid subframe bushings is "more or less the same" then sure.
  13. Throttle House puts the 2020 GT500, Camaro ZL1 and Challenger Hellcat Redeye on the track

    I wonder why the GT4 racecars don't change out the integral link, when they change out all the other bushings in the suspension for monoballs. Integral link style suspensions have been used on BMWs for decades. It's a pretty good design.
  14. GT500 vs ZLE

    No one complains about the ride quality of the Ford GT with DSSVs. Maybe GM just tuned the DSSVs to be crazy stiff because its quicker and easier than trying to come up with a shock that does both well?
  15. GT500 vs ZLE

    I don't recall reading the Ford GT having a shitty ride quality like the ZLE.
  16. GT PP vs 370Z Nismo

    The rear suspension geometry is atrocious. It does not put power down and does not have rear grip. It's a bad design and the 350Z was far worse. On top of that, 370s are 'tinny' and feel light in a cheap way, not solid like the S550.
  17. Dyno tomorrow, any guesses

    THANK YOU for posting SAE and not just STD because it makes you look cooler. It's interesting to see the torque curve go from 350lb-ft to 500lb-ft by 4,500rpm, rather than most superchargers that deliver peak torque at 2,000rpm but choke up top. I guess that may be how the car puts down the...
  18. GT PP vs 370Z Nismo

    S550s are way better cars. 350/70Zs have bad suspension geometry and even worse weight distribution.
  19. Motor trend track test

    Fastestlaps is a joke and far from credible. They have so many fake laps (like the GT350R nurburgring lap) and they don't post a lot of official times.
  20. Best battery tender connection EVER

    Not really.