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  1. Dave Pericak speaks a bit about the Mustang's future

    China prefers 2-cycle engines and so they get too much smog. Even their high performance cars are fitted with supercharged 2-cycle engines.

    my guess is the dampening material won't help much with bass frequencies. Some people have stronger ears than others. If that isn't you, then get regular chambered mufflers or ear muffs.
  3. Speed Phenoms GT500 has clutch overheating problem on drag strip pass

    Possible but they can make up for it by updating the engine to 5.2L Ecoboost and gain another 100 hp
  4. Speed Phenoms GT500 has clutch overheating problem on drag strip pass

    Heat sensitive doesn't sound good. Already looking like they will have to go back to selling the car with the Tremec manual and reduce $10k off the MSRP in order to compete with ZL1
  5. Why can't I get My GT500

    Ford monitors this forum and those members with many postings on important topics such as whether to buy 87 vs 93 octane gasoline get priority on their GT500 orders.
  6. 2018 GT MPG 87 vs. 93 octane

    That was made up. I forgot the Disclaimer : for entertainment purposes
  7. 2018 GT MPG 87 vs. 93 octane

    You can still keep the car forever if 87 causes too much pre-ignition and the car requires a new short block. :headbang: JK. I don't have an opinion on 87 / 93.
  8. 2018 GT MPG 87 vs. 93 octane

    87 octane is fine. Ford added the extra set of knock sensors to support superchargers.
  9. Almost hit a pedestrian

    I had to google search Christiania and it appears they prefer weed, bicycles, and buses to cars. 30 mph speed limit is too fast if there is a lot of stoners out after dark dashing across the street dressed in black and gray. I would avoid driving on that road.
  10. Almost hit a pedestrian

    pedestrian boozing on a Friday. That looks like a complicated segment of road and the speed limit should be set to around 15-20 mph. Undivided road, bus lanes, and a lot of people and bicycles. In addition to the pedestrian, if that bus started into a left turn, it would have been a bad day...
  11. Stay Away From Corsa

    This seems like the band clamp is doing most of the work to maintain alignment. Is there some reason Corsa is sticking to this design? The 2014 version looks like less of a hassle.
  12. What is the deal with the hostility and resentfulness here now?

    Ford is developing the Coyote-Mini, a 1.0 liter DOHC V8 engine that will be available as an option for the Mustang Mach-E to make authentic V8 sounds. The hybrid electric version will be available as the Mustang Mach-E+
  13. Wrecked 2017 GT Premium

    Undivided road makes me a bit nervous. People making a sudden left turn, or maybe drifting their lane while typing on their phone. Head on collision at highway speed would be bad. Particularly if it is similar to the small overlap crashes as modeled by the IIHS. Leaving the road is bad too.
  14. GT500 “in transit” turned to “in crash”

    will this show up on carfax ?
  15. Last year for V8 2024 (and Mach-E discussion) via Ford Performance conference call

    "On a long enough timeline the survival rate for (the V8 engine) drops to zero
  16. Last year for V8 2024 (and Mach-E discussion) via Ford Performance conference call

    Ford shows the F150 is now available with a new 3.0L 4 Valve DOHC Power Stroke V6 Turbo Diesel B20 Engine. So if the 5.0 goes away, you will still be able to order a Diesel Mustang, which will have 440 lb.-ft. of torque at just 1,750 rpm, and gets 30 highway mpg so its environmentally friendly.
  17. No Manual - Why did you change your mind?

    The 2021 GT500 will also get a modest power increase to 800 hp in addition to a Tremec manual. Since nobody wants manual transmissions anymore because there is too much traffic or they cannot shift within 80 milliseconds without damaging synchros, they will sit on dealer lots and eventually...
  18. Parking Brake on or off everytime you park? And other things we do out of habit.

    I pulled out of a gas station one time (a long time ago) without putting on my seat belt and immediately stopped at a red light. While waiting at the light, a police officer pulled up behind me. Looking in my rear view mirror, I put on my seat belt. Lights come on. Officer says I just saw...
  19. Parking Brake on or off everytime you park? And other things we do out of habit.

    I (almost) always park with the M/T in 1st gear. My parking brake discipline could use improvement. I have exited my car before where the car starts moving and after scrambling back into the car I am annoyed to discover the gear shift is in neutral. That will definitely spike the...
  20. Michelin pilot sport A/S 3+ straight line traction?

    I bought the A/S 3+, and straight line traction seems to be better. I think it was the dealership that said that the OEM Pirelli's aren't quite the same tire as what you would buy as replacement tires with the same name. In any case, Pirelli also has the "P Zero All Season Plus", which...