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  1. PPF and fender badging question

    You don't. Replacement is your best option.
  2. Installing New Speakers in B&O System

    Excellent! Glad it all worked out for you.
  3. Subwoofer replacement options

    I was hoping to not have to remove those side panels. It's a pain to have to remove them. I just put my car all back together and now I have the rear deck panel flapping like a bird. The metal seems solid and non-resonant. I will try inserting some foam weather stripping material between the...
  4. Wiring guide for a 9 speaker system without a LOC

    There's a lot of info scattered around the forums. Some correct, some not. The biggest mistake I see people making is trying to use a line output converter (LOC) to add an aftermarket system. They aren't required, add expense, and raise the noise floor. If you use the right signal source for...
  5. Installing New Speakers in B&O System

    I recognize that signal wire harness. :wink: How's your system sounding now? Have you had a chance to do any tuning with the EQ?
  6. Upgrading 9 speaker system

    These should help (note ACM is the head unit and DSP module is the factory amplifier): Low level signals are on the black connector (C2385A). (ignore the noise cancellation ones). You are going for Pins 1 through 8. Observe the numbering they are not sequential on the diagrams but they are...
  7. Installing New Speakers in B&O System

    It's not wrong to upgrade without a DSP, but you have come 80% of the way by replacing the amp and speakers. Why not go all in? Without a DSP there is no way to accurately EQ the audio to tame the terrible acoustics in this car. It butchers the sound significantly. I have measurements that show...
  8. Subwoofer replacement options

    @protraxduner what was your final solution to the rear shelf rattle? I have the same problem now. I think I want to remove the shelf and add a strip of thick foam along the rear edge to compress against the glass. Is it easy to remove the shelf without taking the side panels off?
  9. Radiator Fan Not Turning On

    There are also 2 relays controlled by the PCM to test. In my experience it's usually a bad fan motor. Maybe this schematic and pinpoint test will help you diagnose the problem:
  10. PPF and fender badging question

    Many shops will be able to cut around the emblems and make the seam invisible. I doubt they would go the hassle of removing and re-installing the fender emblems. Keep in mind, PPF is not a permanent thing. It is sacrificial. If the film gets damaged later on in years, now the fender emblems must...
  11. Caliperfexion does it again!

    The video is great. Now I want to go motorboating. :wink:
  12. Running Waze + Sirius using Android Auto

    Sirius added AndroiAuto support about 3 years ago. So why don't you try it? It should be working if you have the SiriusXM app installed on your phone. You should see the SiriusXM app on the Android dashboard screen. If it's not there, you might need to go into Android Auto settings, choose...
  13. Upgrading 9 speaker system

    I've seen how some people "solder" I recommend they use these with wire ferrules. Solid connection.
  14. Upgrading 9 speaker system

    You don't even need to solder RCA's. I like to use these for DSP hook-ups: RCA Screw Terminal Adapters
  15. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Damn, that's sexy. :clap:
  16. Got it! Now Questions.

    Sorry. I stopped following that thread and yes it wasn't specific to the missing nav info as it was more about Sync3 update. I hope you are able to figure it out.
  17. Upgrading 9 speaker system

    You can use the HRN-AR-FO3 harness to interface to the connectors that now plug into the factory amp. There is a black connector for signals, grey and brown for speakers. The harness is marked which lead connects to which speaker. It's a matter of running wires from your aftermarket amp to those...
  18. Got it! Now Questions.

    Found the discussion on your issue. I don't know if they found a solution though.
  19. Got it! Now Questions.

    There's a whole thread on this topic on the forum somewhere. I'll try and find it...
  20. Boot lid seam corrosion/rust help

    If the car is only a week old, then how is that corrosion? Looks like seam sealer to me from what I can tell. The photos are blurry. Edit, I just noticed you added a third pic. In the last it does look like rust and missing paint.